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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Approached By Anothet Religion Pushing Perp

Alot of my situation is due to Abrahamic religions wanting to maintain power. If the public ever realized the truth about Judaism being a mush mash of other older religions it would destroy the perception that they are the beginning of the f*ckin universe. Its treated like the root or core of all Western civilization's existence.

Its not. History proves that.

My being naturally geared towards Rosicrucianism or Hermetics was and is really a threat to many factions it seems.

The lack of religious freedom in this is disgusting.

Some little twerp, a male my age or a few years older, walked by me two weeks ago or so in downtown crossing Boston. As he passed by the bastard said "If only you would (accept Christ or believe in god or accept god)", he was a bit foriegn so he had an accent. I have been targeted long enough to put this on the scale of very probable it was a Cause Stalker or at least psy operative, regular gang stalker. It was so much of a typical controlling male move with familiar tone to be a random Hesus freak seeing a random homeless woman.

And that's also why I am so suspect of my cousin. She's the white wash for my family while they villify me or push the idea I am simply mentally ill like Danny my father.(who was targeted for blabbing that my mother and her famy were involved in a secret govt project involving the military and CIA..uh hello: radiation experimentee documented in connection with MK ultra. DUH..but it's one word out of that sentence that got him.targeted: secret. Not the files Helms didn't.destroy ..but obviously the ones he did). My cousin is the Aryan ideal also. Blonde blue eyes, virtuous, two parent home, siblings and no welfare or leaking of my uncles past. She is a genetic engineer and became an ordained minister-which most likely means she got away from the family's traditional Catholicism and is now the WASPy ideal. Also these religious people she involves herself.with may just be god crazy enough to want me converted or perhaps a member of my sick family isn't satisfied with the blonde white hope but wants a total white wash including me as well. Considering this is a mind controlled family its safe to say that any and all religious types around them.that are that zealous are probably handlers for some.state.actor responsible for.the original programming and experimentation. Hmm, remember that 'secret govt project'!

Breaking down the Targeted Survivor of mc to force them to join a religion seems to be the norm. They have been at this foe years. Everything from Satanism to Judaism to Jesus to Catholicism. I bet they'd even be happy with Atheism. As long as I am NOT practicing what seems normal for me to seek out and practice- Hermetics.

These Cause Stalkers..are they for real? I guess if you Jim Jonezed a group via CIA cult creator programs you could get any kind of cult like religious freaks going...all cult mind controlled and all cultish in their thinking and approach to the TI.

Go to my YouTube channel and listen to the FBI tapes. If I were CIA I'd be on a mission to play 'clean up crew' and dispose of those creations as well...that's the way they think you have to remember.

Alot of these mysterious FBI screw ups are to purposely get rid of yet another batch of MK Ultra-esqu frankenstien's monsters.

They are just so f*ckin arrogant. Hell, most of the disposal unit is programmed CIA probably. Who isn't programmed?

I mean where does this begin and end? Is there some shaky ancient hand grasping the arm of his grand throne like chair somewhere in a dark corner of the world that is the power behind the Powerful, that we never see?

Sheesh, I am just so sick of this.

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  1. Who isn't a cause stalker or operative? In fact, most people I come across are participating in a psy-op or psyche-out of some sort directed against me and me only. The line is really blurred here, as the entire population is now controlled and going along with the harassment against us. We are the (designated) outcasts of society, and that is all there is to it. And of course small towns are the worst, despite not being directly mind-controlled by tech, the people are still brainwashed enough to go along with this. It's not necessarily hive mentality, I don't think. It's a brainwashed bunch of citizens functioning as operatives and cause-stalkers rolled into one. Some tend to be more of one than the other. But maybe that's because only those stalkers or operatives are around me, not normal citizens? I go to the store, I get bitches at the register saying things like "yeah, WEIRD" and the other one would be countering with "that's what everyone says". Hmm, you do the math. Smart, independent thinker equates to weird. Nope, doesn't compute. Most be brainwashed citizens. They succeeded is what happened. They wanted this, and they got it. Now who they are remains the mystery. An ancient bloodline that wanted to rule the world since man evolved from the ancestor of chimps and gorillas, and now they have the tech to accomplish this, and the plans and preparations in place. And now they have it. They're still garbage though, whomever "they" are, no matter what they think of their bloodlines. Just trash stinkin' up the world with their kind. Cheap trash with lots of money and influence.