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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Hysterical Economist Article That Basically Admits That TIs Are Targeted By Intel Agencies And Treated Like Enemy Spies


This is great. Not only does it validate every single thing that Targeted Individuals claim.they deal with in being harassed and stalked, tech interferred with and blacklisted but it even gives you some tips on how to deal with things! (Take the battery out of yer phone and put in any metal box.to disable a.'bug'..so the tin foil hat theory IS wrong like I said and the tin foil FARADAY CAGE theory is correct.

Hahaha. This article is great. The Economist has been hard to look at since the Bush ass kissing and modification phase for many publications forced them.to dumb down.

So one can plainly see the intel agencies grossly abuse their power and have jealous psychos working for them who will abuse their power just to deny someone opportunity in life.

I love this: the point of spycraft is to break the rules and not get noticed. Oh isn't that true.

And upon writing this I just got burned on my right hand as I type. Don't care..its worth it. (This area has always had the ability to use a being burned sensation.as part of classical conditioning..only this geographical location actually. And its the same every time I return to this area as well).

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