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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Once Again Untouchable Organized Crime Scum Are Used To Ensnare MK Ultra Survivors

I can't wait to get John's face on camera so everyone can see how disgusting he is. Maybe I should just go get his mugshot off his Hackney lic, that his buddies the cops issue to him and.all their other scum little informants and helpers, of course the whole cab system is corrupt here. Shud I tell the public about all the corruptions and scams? You scumbags. I wouldn't give money to a cabdriver in this state if I was dying and needed to do so in an emergency. The whole thing is corrupt as hell, a rip off of the public and all these bastards who drive limos, towncars and cabs are tied into crooked cops, an unfair legit police system, drug dealers and escort services. Need a good time? Just ask yer driver.
Unless its the Bush era and yer targeted, then people like me got FILMED WITHOUT OUR KNOWLEDGE AND IT WAS USED AGAINST US.


Cabbies also engaged in mindgames nationwide and constantly interrogated for information during early years of war and Patriot act. Scum.

Yet another guy named John who works for that cab company connected to the sexindustry, the scum I had to deal with in the old days.

Just one big happy family eh?

Do you honestly believe, feds, that you can support the Big Fish that your wealthy taxpayers and bosses need untouched by having them assist you in destroying or entrapping Small Fish?

Augh more cover story. Becuz this is about not wanting to pay up for those radiation experiments.

I.will win, you will pay for all you have taken from me including manipulating and destroying my parents with yer nonsense.

Arrogant sons.of bitches.


Anonymous said...

In some city the MOB and police work together, In some city like chicago they have MOB members at the police station friends of the MOB.

Ever since Al Capone was around paying off cops its still happening

On_GangStalking said...

Is that why it was so damn bad in Chicago? I will NEVER forgive that place for messing with me so hard and mercelessly. All they cared about was getting paid you could tell the way they looked at me, when people like cab drivers and hostel owners realized who they were looking at, you should have seen the dollar signs in thier eyes and the greed in thier bared teeth. I want them to pay so damn bad for that, and it was all men too. Chicago was scary due to how nasty the gs was. Horrible city. Why do nice places keep getting hit with natural disasters, like Nashville, and asshole central places like Chicago keep faring so well? They need a natural disaster REAL BAD. That would make me smile really. LOL