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Sunday, June 26, 2011

More Corporate Arrogance Concerning Surveillance

See this is what we, as a generation of Gen Xers were on about during the 90s. And everyone was misinformed to believe we were just hippie, rock n roll raised slackers who didn't know any better or were apathetic. There was nothing to fight for then except the environment. Corporate control became more and more obvious over time. By the mid 90s gentrification began and even the most out of touch and oblivious of us started to see it was not a good future forming. Many of us had gotten clean so now the law really came down. The late 90s protests were not percieved as the beginning of the NWO in earnest but the end of the Gen X era- of our youth and of us being effective against the powers that be in a visible way.

Yet what is going on now is exactly what we were seeing starting early on. Not just those with good educations or awareness of corporate culture and activity. There was an entire faction of our generation that felt theses changes as.if almost internally.

An article recently posted read that my generation has gotten shockingly conservative. Welcome to mind control via tech, chemicals and harassment. Don't they realize they have been bullied into this change? Behavior modified?

When Bush brought the curtain down on this country in 2002 or so it could also be felt..and visualized.

The problem is anyone like myself usually moves away or knows better than to have a computer or smartphone. Which makes no sense becuz that means you aren't going to be seen or heard. Most people like me have moved away from MA. And MA engineered it that way. All the gang stalking tells us that..they only want people here who are going to go along with the program.

Now the public are getting glimpses of what is really going of iceburgs. And the people like me who know how bad it really has gotten, are marginalized and kept silent or kept from large audiences.

Its hard to admit your country has been turned into the USSR practically overnight compared to its long history but that is the reality. Unfortunately I will probably be targeted no matter where I go on earth so it doesn't matter where I end up. Anyone who knows how the mass mind control system works or how to beat it will be destroyed. And only the mass mind control system can buffer the reality this is really happening and how horrible it is.

The arrogance of this former CEO to state that you shouldn't be doing anything yer afraid of having surveilled to begin with is mind control all the way. He's totally ignoring abuse of power and possible stalking from nutjobs in high place or other possible scenerios. Why? Corporate people are of a mindset that only understands commerce business and power tripping. They have no business being our govt or rulers but essentially our rulers now are govt with private sector.

If corporations can be considered persons legally which is total made up bullshit then we should have known right there that those individuals are now in power over us in this country.

No one is mentioning how out of control the military industrial complex is and how much they have to do with this.

Its ironic that one of the Nazis posters Jew bashing said something to the effect that Jude was the creator of war and the prolonged of war..when that seems to be exactly what the military industrial complex plans to do with our future.

I hear people tell me that our country is just letting this happen. No one imagines or understands its mass mind control as mapped out by MindWar that paper with the concept written out by Satanist and military psy ops.officer Michael Aquino and other military. That obviously its in use now and its impossible to beat in heavily targeted areas, like Cambridge or Boston.

Notice my posts during the week as opposed to during Sundays or holidays. Yesterdays post was self serving and ridiculous. During the week I am constantly exhausted under mind control and worried only about myself and how this has ruined my future.

Which means the selfishness and self obsession we see in society is probably something that's a result of those damn towers..and chemical controls of course.

Corporate people only understand law as it benefits them. I am generalizing but that kind of bullshit coming out of his mouth is just the type of thing we were afraid of back in 95 when corporate culture and gentrification started to destroy cities and regional cultures.

For an entire country to be under mass mind control and not realize it is totally ridiculous. But just like the Nazis in Germany people like this. They think it makes us strong in the New World global Order.

Freedom is something most people feel they have and that is becuz they are under mind control or like members of the Nazi party back then, they are given.the best opportunities material gains and power over other people.

So this is a blueprint similar to the Nazi style except its being done covertly so most people don't see what's going on.

If they did I think there would be outcry notice in the article that the public wouldn't let them back down with being silent.

What do you think they would do if they knew about mass mind control via the towers, covert psychological warfare and chemical influence?

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