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Monday, June 6, 2011

Cambridge GS and Remote Influence Is Dependant On University Scheduling

As for Sunday having been so very awful..I really need to remember to reference my own work.

According to my own previous posts I now realize, having lived in this location a full 12 month cycle that the remote influence gets 'lifted' as of Memorial Day. I noted that I experienced a change when school began in Sept last year and that change was increased presence of tech or 'remote influence'.

Thus, I did not recall my own experiences last Summer where the in person stalking and psych warfare was ever present. Which is how it has become since Memorial Day and the school being out.

There were perps every damn where on Sunday especially Cambridge and being really overt.

One woman actually had this abide nasty directed conversation about my being destitute. It reminded me of the very passive aggressive style of perps on Phoenix AZ doing directed conversation.

So the Cambridge area changes according to the universities schedule. Boston is complex as each burrough has its own feel. I note I feel extremely creative and strong in Brighton where I had that apartment, into Watertown, yet hitting Waltham is like hitting a brick wall. Its awful.

Cambridge is sectioned off with East Cambridge differing from North and Central Sq to Harvard Sq etc.

I feel strong and confident in Southie but the heavy in person gs ruins that. Somerville is also someplace I get alot of in person gs consistently and in Davis Sq they hate me and the cops get in on it there like Southie.

Near BU and Mass Art I feel very capable and driven and in Kenmore near BU I always have felt I could get my book written right there.

It seems everyplace that would be workable to me has constant human forces present.

You think this is all delusion you don't know just what certain factions will do to hide MK Ultra being a continuing program from the public.
Look at the vid on my Youtube channel. The featured vid. An MK Ultra survivor says they still monitor experimentees and mess with them to keep them silenced. My mother was supposed to testify at that...its all I need to know to be quite comfortable with anything written in these blogs.

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