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Monday, June 6, 2011

African American Guy At Hostel -One Sentence Reveals Much

This African American who managed the hostel in Manhattan that night before the Bioethics Committee he made a very obvious reference to what has been done to me over the past many years as just all about making money. The way he said it was so like he was trying to stay hardened to how wrong this situation is. Interestingly many African Americans seem like they are steeling themselves whereas whites seem to find it easier to be nasty and unfeeling about this situation.

And that was what he made the hostel sound like it was all about as well. Of course he should be reported for a total misrep of Hostelling Internationals mission and attitude towards travel etc. Yet all TIs know that hostels for some reason are bothers of gangstalking activity. Most likely becuz they use buildings that have fallen below habitable code and health code so are happy to target anyone who's a mold whistleblower that made a good case.
Often old Pedos own them for some reason don't know why. (Like Pheonix AZ for instance). I still can't get over how extremely nasty Hostel staff have been to me throughout all this. Prob becuz they cater to a class.of people who's parents invest in the military and own companies related to all this. The kids being nasty to me in Boston hostel years ago not only seemed to be doing so from a classist perspective but this js very big in colleges where the kids are privy to all the information and as investment in their futures but haven't matured enough to understand ethics of the situation.

It was an arrogant statement and a purposely hurtful sentiment.

However this insistence by aholes from the hood or whatever he thinks his deal is..mob connections or whatever. The insistence that any of this is or was.possible without the ok from very high up state actors is ridiculous.

Julie Jake, my mothers family, the feds, the crooked cops or the mob or even Olnick do NOT have enough money, resources, influence or especially importance to cause the kind of damage and nationwide harassment of such sophistication. These people are all part of the cover story.

Whatever that clown working at Hi Hostel Manhattan thought was the motive for being able to make money coldly by destroying people via breaking all human and civil rights laws- he's an idiot. Unless we are dealing with those ridiculous mercenary companies akin to Blackwater run by the Christian lunatics.

There have been ads on Craigslist for such job descriptions during Bush when the sleaze was out of control. (Which of course they pulled once a story was posted about it).

But they are still receiving their contracting originally from the US Govt and their motive is connected to silencing actual war crimes.

The laws are obviously totally wrong but Bush admin had a talent for pushing through many totally insane, illegal ridiculous things.

So that kid can choke on it. Another nobody on a power trip who thinks the law sides with him.

For now perhaps...but you just made the shit list.

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