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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bush Team's Effort To Use CIA To Discredit Blogger what are the rest of us supposed to who do have access to a leak about our being targeted?
I can't decide if this is helpful and motivating or more psychololigical warfare. Considering its coming from a Boston source I am leery.

Besides a hell of alot more than just a smear campaign happened with me.

The idea that this is comparable to the Nixon years is ridiculous.

The author is totally ignoring all of the corruption of the Bush era especially in the realm of covert warfare, military intel and CIA.

This strikes me as an effort to CONTAIN the truth and do damage control not break a story.

Ill just keep doing what I am doing and ignore mass media outlets owned by a few corporate entities. Who, if they really gave a sh*t, would have revealed this information during Bush not years later.

This is toying with TI's. Its a game.

And the only reason it doesn't work today or fall into place like its supposed to with the complete system as a whole of mind control, mass and individual TI's is becuz today is Sunday, its Father's Day, and its post Stanley Cup celebration.

The sexist element, the male dominant element in society who's interests are so wholly represented by this system, the NWO and the GOP has been satiated
-satisfied and worshipped.

I am not a white male bashed but keep in mind how many Cause stalkers are in on this ad well as men who believe feminism is to blame for things going wrong world wide-they are wonderfully useful idiots to the perps. I have dealt with these factions first hand, and they are cult mind controlled just like Jonestown cult members into believing this is about my gender, not the politics involved.

Luckily I saw this article today and not this week, as we know by Tues I will be a forgetful, angry blithering idiot who can't remember three simple tasks on a to do list and will be overeating and tired constantly. Becuz that is the treatment I am getting in the Metro Boston area, since Spring.

This article is slightly motivating to keep me going long enough to sustain my efforts to get into UMass. Which of course will keep me here if Romney gets into office so they think.

No one has written any articles in 'papers that matter' concerning chem trails, MILABs (human non alien) or that MK Ultra never ceased and that is why certain people are targeted.

I want restitution for this brain damage and other life changing physical damages from.that moldy apartment and having to run around the USA being terrorized for years on end. Is anyone going to help me with that?

Yeah whatever. And I can plainly see that my going to the official legit judicial system for help and to get justice is also a ploy to further my forced deprogramming campaign becuz I am would no longer be self reliant and would be reaching out to trust one of them.

If people wanted to stop this when the damage was being done they could have. I willnot bow to this country, its authorities nor cow tow to any of its 'professional' class unless its a matter of life or death in an immediate emergency. That class of worker bee in this country was one of the meanest and most abusive to me when I was being destroyed. They honestly believe they are better than people like me even though I was highly intelligent, multi talented and beautiful.

Unless there is someone out there willing to really crucify the US and involved parties for what they did to me and continue to do, everyone can go to hell.

What lawyer is going to sacrfice his career, the way I have been forced against my Will to live like this and sacrifice my future? No one.

The people involved in this are sick f*cks involved in ritually abusive sects that hold only their agenda as most important they could give a shit about the country, legit government or its people.

They truly believe that I for instance, am a resource put on this earth foe their use.

Most of the people that agree with the way I am treated are Satanic in their thinking and the way they live, whether they are aware of that or not.

Its my job to counter that with all the elements of balance, justice and truth and also use in kind the attitude of rebellion against them.

There is a new Church of Satan advertised and I am sure that this kind of idea appeals to modern people who don't want to see themselves as actual bloody minded Satanists making actual sacrifices.

And anyone involved in the Masonic end of ritual abuse has no mind to think for themselves outside of what is needed to preserve the structures they live by and within.

And that has its justice system as well which they seem to believe they are exempt from.

These factions now rule the entire world utilizing the three point system gang stalking but to control the masses.

Psychological games and manipulations including propaganda etc, chemical controls and warfare and technologies.

Its that simple.

That NWO speech by madman Bush has come to pass and it certainly will be the
RULE of law but it isn't the proper use or execution of law. Justice wont exist.

The sooner you realize how insane that speech was and just how much of the lunatic power structure we are dealing with in power who are dead serious about this enslavement of mankind, the better off you'll be either fighting its oppression or living it everyday.

The true enslavement is within the not knowing you are being controlled.

The realization of the Will is the only way to beat or fight this system. That and remaining in contact with the Natural world such as your ancestors, your body and nature itself. Being captured in FALS ENVIRONMENTS both physical and psychological, spiritual and mental is the enslavement that results from the use of the three point mind control system.

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