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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Harassment From Independent Taxi Again (connected to my old associates)

Just asked Independent Taxi of southie/Dorchester who their owners were. A group of private investors I am told. I want to tell these investors that I know of at least two career criminals who use their taxis for escort service work one of their drivers actually married to a local untouchable madam. Becuz their drivers wont stop f*cking with me when I come down to Southie to run errands. And it better stop becuz maybe the public would be interested in details. Of course a former escort service owner who claimed in 1995 to be busted by the FBI is a major perp of harassment while driving for that cab company, always accompanied by a police car or motorcycle. That shit stopped a few weeks ago when I threatened to film him doing his routine tactic and expose his identity to the public. Remember taxis here are corrupt in their practices of giving out work etc and they have to kiss cop ass to get Hackney lic. They worked together on the gs in 2003 to 2006 and they do so now.

cab drivers have been the second most active and extremely arrogant gang stalking perpetrators in my experience nationwide. Locally they have been extremely abusive and seem to only work off the smear campaign, most likely becuz it gives them power as males especially which they desperately crave being a service underclass in this wealthy area.

They are really trying to destroy my health so I can't write that expose. They can do as they like. The whole world will know what Boston is about his evil and disgusting it is. They need to pay for all the shit they have done to people over the years not just me. They regularly shelter certain people during busts and make it appear as if crime rings have been taken down but its just a show for the public.

Perhaps its more harassment to get me to leak info prematurely.

They have to keep playing games with me to make me feel powerless and like no one will listen to me or care when in fact I could have done alot of damage by now. To criminals crooked cops and to the crooked Feds or other state actors who chased me around the country trying to get me to blab without a supeona. This is all to cover Bush's ass and the mind control that's now in place nationwide in every major city.

I am basically destroying their newfound means of TOTAL SOCIAL CONTROL OVER THE ENTIRE AMERICAN PUBLIC. I am the worst kind of terrorist to them.

But hey, they insist on abusing power, messing with people being arrogant and creating dissidents out of necessity.

They act like this is some sort of joke or a game. People trying to get me into cars, hotel rooms and around corners to kill me isn't a game. Well the perps are pretty criminal minded and murderous so I have experienced that to them this is a game. NOW do you believe in mind control? Only a group who was Jim Jonesed would become a traveling carnival of psychotic killers who drive people to suicide or death by ill health as part of 'a game'.

Like you realize of course that most of the USA if not the western world has gone completely insane due to air pollution, radiation fallout, food additives, chemical pollution, psychiatric med toxins and of course electromagnetic pollution. Add to that the effects of trapping humans in technologies that keep them isolated and controlled in either dead time (via pre recorded light and sound images) or through training them like monkeys to act and think like the computers they use or controllled by automated systems instead of being given human contact.

This isn't convenience this is enslavement of humanity.

And your average modern human being from this culture is messed up enough just add Jonestownification and you've got a dangerous group of culty killers on yer hands that use mind control to deal with what they do to other human beings.

I have the best life possible. I know who I am and am under no illusions about what this situation is about.

Who gives a shit about black cabbies? Who are mostly African or Haitian trying to make their bones with this system to gain cred in their new country.

Why do u think their is this huge influx of such third worlders? Becuz no one decent will be part of these red squads that's why. Duh...the human rights in their countries is terrible. They have no shame or morals about harassing me. A lowly white woman for their masters is all they need to feel good about their position in the USA.

The mind controlled slave is used to hand over to people for profit long after they cease activity in adult entertainment.

These are men from cultures that still Female Genital Mutilate their women. They don't even deserve to live here. But that is MA for you and that is the NWO.

The Liberals like the color mix in and the Conservatives know they will keep American women harassed with sexism and take part in gang stalking to support special interests of the USA no matter how crooked.

Though the authorities seem to be busting people and cleaning house nowadays the USA is less free more corrupt and totally clinicaly insane moreso than any other time in history.

I've lived it believe me.

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  1. Hi Rachel,

    Here's a scene from Lucas' film THX1138. It speaks volumes and is kinda inspirational.