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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Its hard to discern how much people really know about the truth and how much they believe a cover story and which one.

You've got to remember I have had Mary Holiday in MI working with the cops and justice system for a deal on her sentencing and she had inside info. She knew about at least the conditions of mind control slavery: " Its not many people who can perform sex acts and not remember it".

Yet here in Harvard Sq years later, recently this guy the kids told me.was a police informant who asks too many questions got very close to my face and asked me "Rach why you still homeless, hun"..and you have to understand his manner and how he spoke. Rats often literally look and move like real rodents. Nervous wirey with this half ass hypnotism tactic to get info out of people in a hit and run manner. A big of intimidation with mind control.

Also these people live off of gaining info so they just want the info they don't really care about you, and one can sense that. U must always be aware that anyone in a vehicle or in person nowadays might be wired with small undetectable cameras in clothing or sunglasses etc. This is what cab drivers did before they had to admit there were hidden cams in the cabs reasons. Most of the intel collection and damage had already been done during Bush by the time they admitted it. Which is a hallmark of that era and administration.

I told him we don't ask.such questions out here. He talked to me like I was stupid. An easily mind controlled person.

My point is that with cop arrogance as I have seen it its hard to tell who knows what. Why would cops in this area be confused or misinformed about the cover story being just that and a sheriff in Jedo MI near Port Huron have almost the full story? I find it hard to believe local people actually believe that this would stop if I left town or didn't know the extent of this program.

But that's what they act like...many people have come up to me and said things about leaving town or having to hide out in a small dustbowl town in TX for life.

Even if I did those things I would still be harassed becuz this is about ongoing amnesia induction and behavior modification.

They made it sound like some powerful entity was merely after me.

With so many people involved its very confusing as to who knows what who is lying or presenting falsely and exactly what info they have or.don't.

Just stick to what you know to b true.

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Anonymous said...

That is true. I was thinking about how a lot of this area here where I live was heavily wooded, till they started destroying it to build shopping centers. From their perspective, it must look like just another wooded area that is in their way, as though it were a sort of pollution in the way of "progress". But I was thinking about how much life must be teeming within those forests.

Probably the spider bite did something to heal you, despite initially having harmful effects. Must've stimulated your immune system. But that's how vaccines work, too: you get sick initially, but then you're immune to a lot of illnesses.

Funny I was thinking the same thing: that we have basically create problems, and they solve them by creating new problems, which then pose other problems, and the cycle continues indefinitely. I was thinking we could go back to living more primitive, i.e., like in a small cottage in the woods, and spare as many woods as we can.