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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Many TIs Harassment Similar to Diana Napolis

So similar that for persons who know too much about RA, its too coincidental to be mere mental illness.
This is what was done to Diana Napolis it seems logical now to deduct.

Discover to much about ritual abuse and become an effective activist and researcher ...gets you targeted.

To lose your mind, suicide or snap and go postal or start stalking and harassing others.

If you start interfacing almost minute to minute to someone things like a Truman Show scenario or making the target believe that celebrities or others are people are involved or psychically interacting with you, eventually you will believe this and go after the bait they are hoping.

I wouldn't even know this was deception unless I knew Napolis's case has similarities. Some so striking that anyone who didn't see the similarities must be doing so on purpose.

You get involved with ritual abuse, you know or discover too much and suddenly your life is ruined and you become very paranoid that prominent people who are strangers are the cause of your torment.

The only safe place nowadays is underground with no cell reception. Anywhere where their is no electromag pollution.

I have also been hit with something right after leaving that bench where I immediately became tired. So tired I have been having to close one eye to finish writing this becuz my eyes are rolling uncontrollably. This happens often nowadays and is always accompanied by a consistent intermittent jolt of.the body. I get this often when I am falling asleep also.

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Anonymous said...

Getting hit with something to sap your energy. I used to get that a lot. I'd be walking on foot, and all of a sudden, I'd feel this burst of something to sap my energy. Probably they are doing something to the cerebral cortex in order to gain better control of the mind. The side effect is you feel this quick blast of tiredness. I used to think it was a negative energy blast to the head.