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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Every cab driver from every company imaginable has gone by and done overt tactics after I left my spot moments ago and am sitting on a bench next to another street person, who granted is passed out..sort of.
Obviously this parade is to let me know that this collective system of idiots have all the power and not any one individual no matter what they do or say. They know they screwed up earlier by only one perp harassing me and so I countered only one male. Having done this to my satisfaction they must taby away that satisfaction by having multiple males in uniformed vehicles (connected to.police through hackney so this has power psychologically) that also all happen to be foriegn men of varying black or African extraction.

The original perp earlier was a white male. In a vehicle that held little status.

These actions collectively may all have been on purpose to get me to react just to ensure I would be vulnerable to being knocked down. They may have known I would react to the singular white male that way.

(At least its now better understood why so many of these kinds of immigrants are being flooded into the country. Becuz being.from places with poor human rights records they are more apt to take part in gang stalking also they want quick status and opportunity from authority here. Lastly their countries are sexist beyond our understanding and many engage in Female Genital Mutilation of.their girls (women). These types of males are perfect to send put after a stronger large white female who's ancestors are not original AmeriEuropeans but Third Wavers so feel in competition or slighted by the American authority figure 'choosing' them over us. It perpetuates race, gender, class and other issues.
Its brainwashing to get me back under control in case I gained any sense of power from that last post or it freed me from being depressed or under mind control from years of stalking, harassment and psychological warfare.

Before that some older guy who seemed slightly Jewish told me.I should be having drinks with them instead of flying a sign sitting on sidewalk. He then looked at me and said earnestly that I was going to do something great someday. Becuz "You've got the face".

That made me feel worse than anything any perps have done. Becuz the reality is I HAD THE mean I had the face. Not anymore though.

See how perps destroy their targets while using mind control and brainwashing to.contain them? No victim witness testimony can leak out if a person is constantly monitored and controlled.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a tactic to get you to stop naming names. But on the other hand, the System doesn't seem to care if a few of those bastards you named go down, because they are so stocked to the brim. They just reload, like the sign I saw in Subway one time.

Mike C said...

Those thoughts you have that you "had" the face to do something, be something great is crap. The ones destined to be 'someone' and also accepted by the majority of the world either was born into rich royalty bloodlines, or sold their souls in a satanic ritual. This being the case while making people who so much want to be someone, and have more talents than those somebodies who were granted that are really all part of the illusion. Also money plays a big part too, think about if everyone was aware that not just anyone through talent and originality could make it without the bloodline. That's alot of music gear that wouldnt sell, alot of local musicians who wouldnt be entertaining people for low money. They need that scam of letting people believe you got to work your way to the top, so those keep at it at the bottom. Your achievements however got around that system, because you did reach alot of people and you did and are still making a great contribution to this fight. ...Though, I don't agree with you on certain things like about the skinny people. That actually could be a prejudice that the g.stkers influenced.