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Trigger warning: just stay aware and centered. Can be helpful but must avoid overall effects of this movie such as strange dreams and what seems like an opening to psychic experience but it actually resembles hypnotism on a mild level. Its a pleasant diversion at any rate. Those of you who have an affinity for language or are verbal will appreciate this movie.



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Friday, June 10, 2011

For Anyone Who Still believes That Bush Family Connection To Nax

Just becuz a piece of history or docummented fact is purposely ignored by the media does not mean when presented in alternative forums its conspiracy 'theory'.

The information has to be sorted through.


Anonymous said...

There are so many in the hive that fail to see reality and just think with their hearts (which have been turned black) instead of their heads. They don't consider logic, unless they know exactly what is happening to the target, and they think contributing to a mass stoning and killing the target watching him or her die is entertainment. Or, maybe they finally have the one chance to be better than the target. Join the sheeple, rats. You ain't nuttin'.

Anonymous said...

Still, I think it goes further than Bush or Nazis. I'm thinking there must have always been this desire for the intelligent who hate other humans to form a shadow alliance, a parallel justice system complete with mind control to have the ultimate control over others. This whole Prescott Bush, bankers who funded Hitler, etc., is just an outgrowth of this fundamental recipe of human nature: that certain intellectuals have always sought to have power and control over the entire world, to be the Alpha Male or Females who want everyone who stand in their paths out of their way.

This fundamental trait is like a specification, and the power-mad tyrants like Hitler -- shit, it could be anyone -- use it to build the machine allowing them control. If not Hitler or Bush, it would be someone else. It's just the way humans are made: some want to be the Supreme Rulers and have the means to do it, while others want a taste of this power, but merely follow the lead. Yet others, such as us targets, want to help others, and don't see the need or point in world domination, and think traditional law and order is more than enough.