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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

FBI Feels Loss Of Business Will Result If Customers Knew Their Service Companies Were Helping Spy

Hahaha..another great article.

Still think TIs are paranoid concerning Comcast, Verizon and weird visits to telephone polls outside the house? After a while a human being becomes accustomed to being stalked and becomes attuned to their stalker. Its the same with multistalker. Some people ARE just paranoid. And some people have become very attuned to what a perp looks and feels like or sounds like or what actions and timing of those actions are the normal MO for perps.
Alot of what is done around Targets life that is supposedly covert is done in ways purposefully so that only the Target can see clearly or notice that such things are happening. The perps do their 'spying', survaillence and other related gang stalking work in ways that are obvious and visible to the Target person. This is psychological warfare and its terrorism. Its done constantly and daily in some.cases to drive the TI to react out of sheer pressure as well as make them paranoid. It causes actual brain damage over time.

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Anonymous said...

This is great. You're really come up with some good ones here. Awesome! Also, I have had weird experiences with people or cars unexpectedly showing up, and I figured on rare occasions, they were teleporting them to where I was at. Not an everyday occurrence at all, but there were a few occurrences where operatives either suddenly appeared or disappeared, and it doesn't appear to be a tech-driven visual illusion either. It only happened once or twice, but I can say it's possible, given what I saw. They can do this by manipulating space-time, I believe, or by other methods.

It has been utilized and mentioned quite extensively in science fiction, and there are many instances where things appearing in sci-fi materials happen to be true today, or at least in the covert operative world.