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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Another Site On GS Technologies

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Anonymous said...

Just was looking at some sites by John Lilly.

Makes sense, with all the "traveling inside one's mind" the perps are doing with their remote technology. It seems they have examined all my internal structures, and have attached hooks to defeat certain programs, and modify others. No doubt the system has employed people like this, with the exotic theories of the mind, to figure out what do once the target's mind has been explored, and all programming structures mapped. I can see it clearly now: a programmer uses a flowchart to describe what a program does, as well as how the decisions that are made are handled, which lead to consequences, and satisfying the person's needs, etc. No doubt they have me and other TI's mapped out like this, and they are figured out where they need to put the hammer and chisel to create the modifications necessary to get the programs self-altered. It's part of the behavior modification process. But don't expect every person with a doctorate to be part of this agenda, however. Just certain ones who are good at stuff like this, good at examining and modifying internal programming structures. Mind you, none of this would be possible without remote neural monitoring, to walk throw a person's mind, and examine everything. So most of this experimentation seems like cruel and unusual punishment, but it's about perfecting what was once remote neural monitoring, making it work to perfection, and also a separate phase, the reprogramming of a person's structures.

"Various charts and tabular representations of the human energy octave from the works of Leary, Wilson, Alli, Gurdjieff and Roddenberry."