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Sunday, June 12, 2011

I may have posted this years ago. Just keeping relavant info coming through.


Anonymous said...

Just read your blog about Skynnrd. And maybe the plane crash was somehow not an accident? So many performers have died in small plane crashes, like Buddy Holly, who was probably the first, followed by others like Jim Croce. Interesting how Joe Meek, a record producer who was obsessed with Buddy Holly, tried to warn Holly he was going to die in a plane crash. Interesting how he knew this. It was said he and his friend Geoff Goddard found this out during a session with a Ouija board. And Meek killed himself on the same day Buddy died, but a different year (1967).

And how did Meek know? He claimed to be the victim of a smear campaign, as did Meek's brothers, and surveillance, mirroring tactics with other producers and bands copying his ideas to drive him crazy.

There must be a sect who delves into the art of Black Magic who knows things like this are going to happen, and their followers let certain people know.

Anonymous said...

Here we go, Rolling Stone targets "conspiracy theorists".

I found this from:

Here is the article:

Clearly, this is an attack on targets, saying we are "destroying America". Or more exactly, we are making it harder for the NWO to take over.