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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Psych Warfare/ The Great Sell Out To The New Gods

And if my politically incorrect comments bother anyone- welcome to psychological warfare. I will say anything to make my enemies look and feel like sh*t. If I had my way, I'd be playing Vlad the Impaler with them, watching them slide down pointed sticks, ever so unaffected as I ate my dinner. Ahh, the good old ancient days.

Now, in Democratic countries, man has to express his bloody mindedness in covert ways or with tech.

Nothing has changed it seems..except that peasant revolts and People's revolutions are not going to happen even if they are necessary, as long as the top bastards have the means of mass m.c.

As a Targeted Individual who's life has been obliterated unjustly, I reserve the right or at least choose the method of being a total c'nt in public if I necessary to survive on any given day, especially in enemy territory such as my very own homestate. If you don't like it, then let's go see an authority on the matter and I can begin with the attempted frame up, gas lighting and attempted labeling conveniently during that federal investigation.

We can start there. And maybe at the end, I will get that judge who was so mean to me in the late 90s when I was doing what society told me was right and going into the system to get my life together. That still is on the red list of debts owed as well.

Every....single...thing. I remember so many instances of arrogance and unprofessionalism.

What yer going to use pawns like my stepfather as character witnesses? He never believed me when I told him his new wife used to beat me and how evil natured she was. So they just kept scalegoating I left them alone with each other and sure enuff, five years later they were getting divorced. Lol. Those big tits of hers would put any man into denial.

He needs to stop his begrudgement and realize he married a snake, who's a total bitch becuz her family has their claws in her so tight, they wont let her be anything else.

This system of morons is not going to get me to turn on everyone who was around me by f*cking with all of us.

Not one person who was close to me didn't have a heartless controlling family, a sexual abuse history and either a connection to the military or in Julias case, the CIA through her father.

All of these people were and are controlled to the point where they can never get free of this system.

The perps hate when you retain being noble. It totally takes power away from their bs which is, recently, to force everyone to sell their souls by turning against those closest to them.

Go to Hell. Go to hell during Bush and the same goes for right now this moment as well as years from now.

No State deserves as much power as authorities have America's people since Bush.

And I will die the hold out.

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