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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Helicopter Harassment Is Widespread Especially During Bush

So this means that I was not alone in this. Its just the right time period as well, mid to late Bush era.

So Targeted Individuals are not the only ones who experienced this.

In one instance they were probably trying to be helpful as I was being intimidated to not run to the feds and blab which of course I knew there was something wrong with those circumstances and later I understood intellectually that that entire cover story was pushed to get me killed as a rat due to being a Survivor of high level programming with a pedigree through my mother being a documented radiation experimentee.

And someone told me that locally a social group was screwing with me for.power trips and kicks becuz they knew I was mind controlled. Interestingly that is when the white vans and black helicopter action it could have been some bs with good cop.bad cop but I am not sure.

There was this guy I was losing for portraits for in Newton. He and a few ladies were playing games like putting very hot lights on me for a 20 min sitting. I would be passing out and trying to stay awake. He also told me that these rich women were fascinated by me due to my being poor and my lifestyle. Interestingly when the copter/white van action began to occur locally, the guy got scared of me and cancelled all future portrait sittings.

Its no good to be protected if that is simply to attempt to isolate the Survivor to push them into a behavior modification program. However it obviously needed to be done to a point to get this social group to understand I was an asset not some cultie they could just keep playing with.

What I am more curious about is not the military end of this which we are all familiar with by now, but the social groups.

Who the f*ck thinks they are that smart and that powerful that they can do such things to other human beings in our society?

It could be that the very powerful factions are indeed guilty of terrorizing, torturing and interrogating as well as pushing awful behavior mod programs but that is far less annoying and shocking than some mere mortal citizens with some money and social standing from upper classes thinking they have such powers. That is who I would really like to see punished and destroyed.


Anonymous said...

If that really is true, then I admire Gore for his fighting until the very end. I really can't understand why anyone would want Bush in office. I imagine all those criminal gangs who were getting perks from the CIA in the form of weapons and drugs really wanted Bush in there. Face it - do gangs and these criminal types really love the USA? Or are they more interested in their own selfish interests?

I don't think it's too late to turn things around. I think that Bush, if he really did have a role in all of this, and these others need a good old-fashioned exposing to the public and even prosecution for war crimes and perpetrating wars against innocent citizens. You've seen yourself have afraid of exposure these people are. That means they can be taken down.

As far as those trolling inflammatory comments, that's what some perps do. I used to get perps like that in my face all the time during the later half of Bush.

And I wonder if some of Bush's actions in office were deception on his part.

This one makes a mocker of the incident:

Note the weird thing he does, where he stands and faces the audience after the "attempts" to get out. It seems symbolic, like he's a stationed soldier standing guard. I think it's deliberate. And him saying "I'm trying to escape" seems scripted all the way.

Anonymous said...

My theory is that it wasn't just Bush, but he was very easily controlled by the colluding factions involved with the perps. I was just looking at a cover of an experiment manual from 1973, and the artwork struck me. In the upper left hand corner, you have a clock which is approaching a certain time. You have a kid pointing towards a girl in an authoritative manner, and that looks like it may have symbolism. This company doing the kit was from Germany. So this proves the various colluding factions were getting geared up long before Bush was in office.

Here is a link to this experiment manual, which says it was printed in 1973:

Nixon was in office at the time. There's no way one man could pull off an operation this big. I don't see either of the Bushes sitting around at the dinner table planning a huge fascist police state. I believe certain peoples had been planning this for a real long time. Bushes were just puppets in this and/or just helping the agenda along. If it were just the Bushes, this would have stopped by now.

Anonymous said...

Click on the link to zoom in on the picture of that experiment manual, if you will. Note the couple sitting in the upper left hand corner look like Barbara Bush and George Bush. Also look at the clock in between those two and what appears to be academics on the right of the "clock". Note the second hand is fast approaching "60". That has to be symbolism. And the lighthouse seems symbolic, too, as well as the police car on the lower right hand corner, and the girl/guy directly above it with the "lie detector" test. The guy is obviously portraying a teacher, and the girl is backing away yet enjoying it. Or she is portraying someone "singing". Who knows. I had this kit when I was in first or second grade, in 1976.

Of course, all of these reflect the experiments, but right away some of these images struck me. Maybe it is from me being targeted, and I get triggered by certain things in images, which may or may not be deliberate.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention: the guy on the experiment manual has a striking resemblance to Adolf Hitler. And that is an interesting coincidence, because there is a couple that resemble Barbara and George Bush on the upper left hand corner.

Vojkan said...

More confirmation of what many of us already knew.

Anonymous said...

Got some fat welfare-looking cunts in a car harassing me tonight. Are the women in today's mind controlled society really that hateful and jealous of intelligent, mellow, yet intensely talented good-looking young targets? And they get to get away with it. Ugly hags.

Vojkan said...

Here's an article on symbols used by various intel agencies which use spy satellites.