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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gang Stalking Breaks Down Warrior Women, High Testosterone Levels


I am now in a phase where I am most likely more estrogen dominant. It would explain why I am wanting to nest alot, wanting the people I camp with to be more like a family, more maternal, worrisome, insecure, weak etc. I no longer feel I can travel like I was doing and I have gotten fat, lost muscle strength.

And this happens every time I come back to MA and live within the Cambridge area. I also have never experienced as many problems with endometriosis as I have here in my lifetime. I also become sexually aroused in a submissive way almost constantly in this.location which is part of my overeating.

This article made me realize firstly that my theory concerning that gang stalking is to tame or break warrior women or strong women who are strong by genetic birthright or psychicly powerful especially when sex is involved as in women who can produce alot of orgone.

Secondly it tells me what I couldn't figure about this location: its estrogen dominant.
Its either in the environment via water, air or other delivery as in pollution from waste, its produced naturally in this location or its put into the environment purposefully to control the population.

It explains why I always get sick of living here and want to leave and never return. I sense the danger in such an environment and.naturally want to flee. Becuz this place makes me weak, tired and deconditioned every single time I come back here. Its destroyed my mother's health and I don't want to end up like that. Where we live affects our health. And my body does much better in dryer desert type places, higher elevations like mountains or in cleaner environments like on Canadian border.

MA never was good for my genetic health and my ancestors probably didn't know that..or it could be due to my grandfather from New Orleans who never fared well here and my mother takes after him healthwise.
It could be that my genetic makeup, the combo between parents I ended up.with or that my generation was one of the first to really be hit with the realities of pollution as bad as it is now. People don't want to think about it but the environment is pretty bad at this point and the results are starting to show as many of us look on in awe as humanity slowly goes insane but no one understands that's what it is.

At least we live and die understanding why the world os f*cked.

Its hard to not tell people why the country re elected Bush a second time. They are so confused and lost..I just tell them there are reasons for it, that people were forced into it..I just don't tell them exactly how.

Its better to die knowing how it all works.

What I wonder about most is my mothers radiation exposure. I have wondered often outside of the damages it did to her and I were there any advantages? Could it be that like superheroes in comics..(ooohh excuse me 'graphic novels) we have some strength or advantages resulting from radiation exposure? I wonder if it ties into the psychic abilities or the strong constitution? Perhaps that is why they come after us and destroy our health and destroy our hormone balances and sap our strength and sexuality: becuz we are superior. They must break us down and make us average and sickly. Or average intelligence and sex drive anyway which they definately attempt to do with the behavior modification programs.

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  1. Makes a lot of sense what you stated in the last paragraph there. There are a lot of sickos who seem to have some anger or resentment issues who are coming after us. And they know our situation, that we are being kept down and society doesn't care. So we make the perfect victim for them. On the other hand, it makes perfect sense, that lower intelligence types don't know that it's obvious their jealousy is showing, and that superior types do NOT have to flaunt their stuff because they know they're good. Also, humans do possess psychic abilities, so it hasn't occured to these types (gangstalkers) standing around articulating human speech aimed at denigrating the target isn't necessarily a sign of superiority. They don't seem to understand that, see? And they need plenty of really pathetic losers to flaunt their stuff and show off via harassment how "superior" they are. It's the "bigger is better" mantra; that the person talking the loudest or showing off the most has to be the supreme being of the bunch, right?

    Plus we don't need the pack or conformist society to tell us how to think and act. Society basically is mind-controlled, and this trickles over to the conformist realm, where the line of thinking is that whatever everyone else is doing is the new Law of society. The bullies pick on tiny flaws, and magnify them 1000x to make us look weak, as part of their superficial, one-dimensional way of seeing thigs. It's also to convince themselves that we are indeed weak in their eyes and we deserve to be bullied. This tells me that the people in control of these programs see things this way, too. They really do think they can destroy us by turning all these fucknuts lose or talking talking talking talking blah blah blah running their mouhts about stuff they wish were true but isn't, never was, and never will be.

    Many people talk, but the truth never changes. This is part of the mind controlled aspect of conformist society.