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Sunday, June 19, 2011

NWO Being Implemented World Wide (but you knew that)

i had just been writing a post this space. somehow when i am writing something that this system finds extremely threatening, i hit a key, i still dont know which one, and it highlights then erases every thing in this compose box. if I get out quick enough autosave wont have a chance to save the wiped box but will display what I had written before the wipe.

i didnt get out fast enough on this computer as its a bit slow. and of course all that is gone now.

and it was good. i was like i used to write back before my health got very bad. it was sane, logical and informative.

i cannot stay in this area if i ever want to get anything done. I am so totally controlled here you would not believe what they are capable of here in the metro Boston area. Blocking the actual Will centers of human beings, instant forgetfulness...just like going off line or a computer freezing.

My 'memory' files from years of RA and programming were wiped over a many month period in 2006. And that only happened here in MA as I recall. Whoever is responsible for the programming here they have alot of power in this area. They perhaps wiped those files for protection as there was the gang stalking system which seemed to be doing the MILABs and mind reading, brain mapping as well as constantly digging for and interrigating for information after manipulating me as a mind control survivor- keeping me traumatized and terrorized in order to constantly interrogate.

All this Guantanamo type stuff can be done in public spaces. Its a joke in this day and age to think you have to bring people physically to another geographical location. There seems to be a program for that but there is also one that mirrors that program of CIA interrogation, that is done in public spaces, keeping the TI isolated by gang stalking, chemicals and mind control via tech and psychic warriors.

I found a few posts lately that claim that others were being harassed by constant fly overs with helicopters in 2007. What people don't realize is that many of those copters were doing mind control tactics. Either using tech to brainwash, torture, water board to gain information (yes I was water boarded and interrogated by helicopter. The bastard stayed in place over the roof of the apartment I was lying down in and pulled this off.) or just using creating a pattern of fly overs along with a certain consistency to form a Noise Harassment campaign.

These f*ckers are extremely proficient and efficient. They don't screw around so constantly flying over just for mere harassment is a joke. They were doing other things, at least to TI's. The people who are posting about also being subjected to being bothered by fly overs dont seem to fully grasp thier situation, about GS and being Targeted Individuals.

AROUND THE WORLD there are complaints of fascism and police states taking over. This is NOT merely increased security. This is create a problem (or neglect a problem)-solve a problem con jobs being perpetrated so that police can be used among civilians in every day life. The problem with this is that they always end up overstepping thier boundaries and THAT is not normal. It begins to become obvious that they are enforcing social orders as well as interfering in things that dont concern them, yet when this is complained about by 'human rights groups'. which are a joke nowadays up against this system, the person in authority overseeing this will usually say its much safer now, the public agree with it etc etc.

Its all part of the NWO. Psychological controls.

An example is in Georgia, in Africa I believe. Police are now in schools for safety-great. Except they are now regularly overstepping thier boundaries and controlling things that are none of thier business like social behavior in class, teachers style of teaching etc. THIS IS WHAT YOU DO WHEN YOU WANT TO CREATE A DICTATORSHIP CLASSICALLY AND HISTORICALLY. YOU GET RID OF THE INETELLECTUALS. NOWADAYS FORMULAS HAVE BEEN CREATED TO CONTROL AND OPPRESS TEACHERS, ARTISTS, WRITERS ETC AND THE PUBLIC FEEL SAFER DUE TO THE PERCIEVED SECURITY THE OPPRESSORS PROVIDE.

The reason that everyone is so angry nowadays is due to the technologies and chemicals used in mass mind control. Its that simple. I and other TI's have seen the absolute worst of it up close and much too personal. We know what lies behind the NWO. We have seen what its really about.

The public have not which is why they are falling into these deceptions. If they had been exposed to what TIs have been exposed to, they would understand what is happening.

Even if, as my mother stated, "You can write a book but nobody is going to believe you", we must do so anyway. Only then can people make the decision if they want to live this way or not.

If the NWO is so 'good' then why must they use deceptions such as these that are so severe. Why must they impose authority that is so intrusive into civilian life and then overlook that by using the excuse of security?

ITS A CON PEOPLE. And most people will never realize it.


Anonymous said...

I have noticed since 2008 that the perps are very concerned and worried about exposure. If this system were right and just, they would not be so extremely afraid of exposure. They have gone to great lengths to psyche me out of filming or recording any gangstalking activity. I literally get gangstalking to prevent me from recording the gangstalking itself. Oh and why could that be? The foundation seems very strong, yet they are very fragile in their fears of being exposed.

All I have to do is ponder recording perps, and I get instant intense gangstalking to psyche me out of filming them. This is an ongoing thing. Like when these two losers in their vehicles would terrorize me every night while I was on foot. I just got out my cell, the one kid was like "hey whatterya gonna do with that cell?" and they just took off. I had many occasions of gangstalking that just stopped when I got out my cell. This one stupid joke of a kid was going off with some pretty insulting stuff. I saw him during the day time, and he certainly didn't look as physically imposing as his mouth suggested on the previous night. Perps get ultra brave when safe in their cars. That night, I got out my camera, and pointed right at the license plate, and those two just took off so fast like they were on a fire call. Yeah, they are definitely afraid of exposure like you wouldn't believe. The useless idiots though don't give a shit. They're just arrogant and love showing off how pathetic they are. They could care less about exposure, at least not to the extent the System is.

Anonymous said...

well for some reason i took a tour of facebook. could be you know what but still i like to imagine i am at least in control enough to wonder around online.

nevertheless the results of looking up and finding the people from my past was disturbing since they apparently have no idea at all about any of this stuff.

i thought about contacting them but felt this depression come over me and sense of WHY BOTHER them in the la la land illusions.

i don't think some people are capable of waking up. i have no idea what this means or says about those such as your self who obviously are more awake than anyone person could hope to be and suffering for it greatly.

i still might try contacting them but i wonder if it's not judt a trick ... always in the back of our minds ... huh?

all the best to you RO i relate to so much of what you state on your blog it's damn near amazing.

anyway just felt the urge to reach out and took the risk... come what may. the isolation alone can drive us crazy. know what i mean? yeah, unfortunately, i know you do.

good luck