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Friday, June 17, 2011

The People Doing The Gang Stalking Are The People Telling The Public A TI Is Schizophrenic

I don't know why I didn't figure this out. The harassment, being traumatized and targeted keeps the TI busy and diverted enough so the Target cannot think clearly.

Every day I get messed with and many of those people seem to be perps but often they seem to be people who simply know my circumstances or think they know.

I am ashamed that my ancestors came here as look at the mess we are now in. However I must consider that they were also targeted over there as well. A theory could be that is why they emigrated here only to have it follow them just as it follows TIs who move to other countries.

There is a horrid mousy brunette who frequents Harvard Sq sometimes. She does things like hangs with little old ladies and smiles a sweet smile to employees at the bakery cafe.

However upon first seeing her at...I think it was Heading Home, she acted out on me almost immediately and was as rude as you can imagine. And I have a reputation for being nice and helpful to other homeless people especially if they are new to a drop in. Often brunettes who look too much alike get into immediate cat fights...or they bond quickly over the similarity. This was a brunette bitch out and due to her being sneaky and cot I just left it alone. Besides her build is skinny so she's not much of competition. Usually women built like me respect each other probably due to fear of a physical altercation and perhaps mutual admiration.

This girl pulled a skinny. Skinny people fight dirty, use their wits, are sneaky and devious prob due to not having much brawn to fight with. And they usually catch strong bigger people off guard with these tactics.

Those behaviors also gain them the greatest disrespect from big people becuz its just so snide.

What she did seemed very much like gang stalking, however she is one of those people who seems a bit off herself so one can't take her that seriously as a threat. But that means she is more dangerous as she is desperate to compensate for her failings as well as legit herself in the eyes of society.

Which means the culmative effect is she is one of the single most annoying people who ever engaged in gang stalking. Becuz the person is so pathetic who is scoring off of you or using you to gain power for themselves.

The purpose of allowing just anyone and the low lifes of society to get to the TI in this way has to do with ensuring their continued submission to the system, keeping them down and under control.

However when connected to RA and program survivors, especially Survivors who were programmed to work in the sex industry, the purpose of this type of psychological warfare is basically to keep the Survivor a 'whore'. Even if you destroyed your alter ego and came out of this years ago they never want you to grow from that. You are being punished for breaking programming plain and simple. The idea here is that everybody and anybody is allowed to 'get' to you. To 'have' you. To mess with you..to f*ck you basically.

They continue to do this in hopes that someday you will return to sex work or perhaps submit to being abused, probably they already have it planned for profit or at least you will treat yourself badly and act like a who're or allow people to treat you this way. This is why low level sexual stimulation is used as well as keeping the targeted Survivor from real relationships. Society must reject the Survivor so the perps can keep the person surrounded by people that will treat the male/female Survivor like whores or badly and keep using/abusing them so eventually they give up trying to have normal lives, heal and better themselves.

Society in general seems to easily assist abuse of sex workers and it seems like ignorance but I now believe they do so Willfully and cover up their true intentions and actions with false moralities as a diversion.
Not all members of society but much of American society currently.

Its also normal for families like mine for example to remain perverse and eroticise abuse while hiding behind religion etc if they never dealt with their own issues. My mother in her actions is doing to me the only thing she knows about parenting: rape. Rape and handing the child over to abusive authority. She never dealt with her issues so she still does not see or realize in actuality what she is doing. Which is why a Survivor's mind control family of origin is so dangerous. They act off of programming and conditioning; they do not think critically or clearly. My mothers family was always extremely frightening and dangerous to me due to their inability to see their actions clearly.

I saw this particular woman tonight. She really pissed me off with her acknowledging me slightly while avoiding me. Its what perps do and its extremely arrogant and a continuation of abuse. The rapist knows what they did and so does the victim but the rapist rubs it in the victim's face that they are hiding out in society. This is what perps do to TIs frequently when a perp is local.

She sat down with her little old lady friend and then discussed I believe my being schizophrenic, becuz the old woman said something about it being neurological and that's what causes it.
Just sitting there licking her little ice cream, the rapist continues her perversion.

This is actual real energy gotten off the targeted Survivors and its nature is sexual and its about rape constantly. Why do you think the TI becomes a basket case and upset publicly all the time? Society abuses the people authorities tell them its alright to abuse. Society is too naive and disconnected to realize that no such persecution of a human being would occur in the USA unless it was a matter of national security, a black op or done by covert factions who's job it is to break rules and not get caught.

They think that a perception of immorality or social stigma can allow for such gross violaton of a citizen's human and civil rights..which is why our country is kept so childish and uneducated. It makes doing covert ops easier.

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  1. Private.

    "It makes doing covert ops easier."

    They depend on "perception of immorality or social stigma". Without it, there would be no covert ops. Not at this scale.

    I hate how their greatest defense is people's foolishness. Penetrating that shield is not easy, but it can be done.