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Saturday, June 4, 2011

I really should have considered last night that the perps in Au Bon Paine are just part of the same network and perhaps as people first generation in America they are interested in earning some sort of special loyalty to the power structure here.

The Man has new house slaves.

This morning I was woken up by an orchestra of car horns..let's hope its for something normal out there and not part of a noise campaign. About maybe 5 to 10 min ago.

I also woke up to this idea that today was all about spending money which is not something trying to do.

The world of consumerism appears like a totally fabricated seperate creation when you know the methods the system has to force people to live in it. Happy good feelings on Xmas, relief from influence on holidays and in this gel location-Sundays. I wonder if the total fry out on Saturdays is to make people on liquor? Perhaps its just certain targeted people who get fried here on Saturday nights.
(Another two cars went by and beeped again. This may be a noise campaign for our squat and everyone in it. We are on private property. A cop came to clear us out yesterday at 5am and we told him we are allowed to stay here. What's interesting is that this spot has been here for months now and just as I frequent it regularly it gets attention? It could be that they are cracking down in the nice weather. There is a core group of total idiots and junkies that have within one year destroyed all the priveledges in Harvard Square that the old timers had for decades. It makes you wonder if most of those people, all in trouble with the law, were sent out here to ruin it on purpose. A covert op to cause a crackdown on homelessness by creating problems. Or the system could send provocatuers out to take full advantage of the trouble making nature of those people out here this year, making them into Useful Idiots. Seeing that musician mobbed by those girls last year but never a select few musicians also with permits let's me know this place is definately being tightly managed nowadays.
11:20-someone just went by beeping again.)

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