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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nurse As Usual Main Perp, Got More Evidence With Camera

The assistant also used the tactic that was used heavily in 2005 by other medical personnel which is to look at my hands when I use them to talk az some people do as if she is observing something unusual she also after doing that focused her eyes on my hair as I have a funky cut now with part of it shaved off on the side. She focused on the shaved part as if the style itself was something unusual to observe. It was to belittle me trust me this is a tactic and its on purpose. Along with everything else she did.

This nurse/doc assistant was the biggest perp here. Arrogant and totally unsympathetic. Once again its as I have shown the pattern to be over the years.

Union members and specifically nurses are perps.

I had a talk with the first man that took my vitals. He twisted things around and eventually admitted that I did the right thing by coming in. He also said that he wasn't present for the nurses activities when I told him she said I was perfectly normal and it might be reflux.

He then admitted that they kept me so some of the Benadryl could wear off. Yet nowhere on paper does it say I had a symptoms of Benadryl overdose even a mild case.

He argued with me about not seeing signs of analhylaxis and I kept pointing out well what about allergic reaction? Which he skirted around the issue that also was not going to be anywhere on file. He claimed he only recorded my claims . Nowhere is there a professional opinion validating my experiences.

He basically made it sound like I got care and that was what was important as if their objective was to deny anything occured officially.

I have a pic of my face being blotchy and red a bit.

She handed me an EKG that looks normal..but I recorded the heart monitor which showed palpitations and heart rate that speeded up to 79 and would go back down to 73. When it would speed up an abonormal rythm would appear and I also recorded that is when I felt it. It was kind of painful and fluttering.

Even though all the symptoms for allergic reaction to spider nuerotoxins were listed on the internet for a layperson to have the sense to go to an ER, none of the professionals in the sequence of seeing three different people I saw could corralate that, validate that or put it in writing.

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  1. Why choose western medicine they treat all of us like this and makes things worse. Pharma is a psyop.


    NEVER when homeless did I go to a normal doc, alternative was the only way to get real help.