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Friday, June 3, 2011

Possible Actual Foriegn Terrorist Psy Ops In..A Bakery Harvard Sq

Being messed with in Au Bon Pain and I won't fuckin tolerate it here. It could just be idiots but there js a little bit top much non randomness and people who are not acting randomly and normal coming in to counter the people who are messing with me. Sound insane? Sure..and I wish every instance of this over the years was imagined. Just keep thinking yer mother is a documented experimentee of radiation in the 1950s closely aligned with MK Ultra and all fear of doubt disappears. And of public scrutiny or disbelief.

One of the people who put this guy in check has left.

And now the old staring black guy making phone call has left.

And upon writing that paragraph above, the paranoia associated with this situation lifted.

It seems set ups do involve real people to act out roles, which are tailored to be psychologically manipulative of the TI. And based on classical conditioning.

A black guy who grabbed his crotch so I would notice and become offended. Had to sit on chair sideways facing me sort of instead of sitting straight away from me or in different chair, facing other direction which would have faced towards bathroom door as he was waiting for his girlfriend. He kept looking around and looking over here. Perp style, get attention of TI using different methods. He also had hearing aid. It just felt wrong...when perps start messing around my system goes into stress battle mode. Believe me I have been dodging this brainwash bs for years. Too many weird people that fit descriptions of what perps like to use to mess with you means the chances are good that its psy ops. It could be human stupidity but one must weigh all the factors. And other operatives showing up and staring the offending character down increases that probability of psy ops.

Weird black dude dick grabber had chubby brunette white girl come out of bathroom. I had turned away from him but when I looked up he was still in chair and had arms around this girl standing in front of him. I kept getting feelings, thoughts and even slight low level sexual arousal and shaming (common in MA) that seemed the typically false and induced effects of a psy ops brainwashing/coercion session.

Of course the ideation was once again, that I should get with a black man. That this is natural, that men like that are my class of person etc etc. The older black man with the cane who sat down right afterwards at table far off in front of me and also sat sideways in order to face me and stare.
This system has been running off of certain memories and parts of my life story to push this idea that I 'belong' with an African American.

Also a person out here defended me today against some kids who were rude to me Wednesday night. He has hearing aids and ice blue eyes and is definately white.

The old man staring is the person that those who showed up ended.up sitting behind me and staring him down.

I originally turned away from the crotch grabber and then moved to seat opposite. When other people showed up I switched again just to have to see the old man.

Ultimately this might be to gain confession from me about my life story that I may have provided to explain this scenerio.
The purpose of that of course is more breaking down of the Target more shaming, more forced deprogramming more forced integration or destruction of programming.

Also I was looking miserable sitting here charging phone and messing with me.forces me to post and the perps seem to want to keep me at a constant level of consistency emotionally and otherwise. Its like keeping me in the same mood and mind set consistently and if I stray from that I get f*cked with.

Usually when I I am unraveling realizing how hopeless the situation is or that I've lost my good health and robust constitution by staying in MA, who h for some reason makes me weak, saps my energy and makes walking alot almost impossible.

When I was in NYC I walked everywhere with my heavy backpack and I felt fine. I had access to my natural energy and strength. MA always breaks down my body. My mother has suffered the same fate by staying in the MA and RI area for years. There is something about the New England area around MA that makes my family very deconditioned. Usually I feel better making it up to Maine where the air is obviously cleaner and the further north you go, the more amazingly happy you become.

My considering staying here for classes or to try to go inside is nothing short of fantasizing and stupidity...ultimately stubborness, in insisting that I settle the scores with this place before I move on to either suicide or building a new life.

Daily I am urged to get lawyers to see if any justice can be gotten but I simply a literally unable to take that action.
Staff here have made sneaky moves before when it was the old building Au Bon Pain before the renovation.

The employees are from north Africa I believe. The men are intimidated by white women of this culture and by their actions I am assuming its a Muslim country but its definately backwards and sexist compared to our culture.

One.of the things that stood out during that scene going on was a long.time worker here more arab or Indian looking with that kind of hair not nappy hair as other similar male foreign workers have here, was sitting behind me at first, when the crouch grabber was getting to me. When I turned around in my seat, I could see that this employee behind me was watching the whole thing and had been looking at black guy number one and only looked away when I turned around. Also when I stayed turned to avoid black guy number one, he began singing in his native tongue, much to the effect of when black guys walk down the streets here rapping loudly as a form of intimidation or territory marker.

As I went to leave just now, another foriegn employee who looks like he is from the same culture or nearby to everyone else who works here, he has an Arab nose. On his way passing me to get to his register to cash two local males out, careened into my physical space just enough to make me take note then, arriving at his register had a slight smirk. Not only did I NOTE THIS BUT THE TWO LOCAL MALES ALSO DID, first noting my REFLEX of a reaction, then looking at him to see what was up.

To note also, the old black or dark man with a cane who originated his position in front of me sitting sideways(black man number two in main set up) also had a foriegn accent perhaps similar to theirs or at least in the general area of the world. Arab or Indian or African.

When the two ops showed up to counter the black man number two, he actually used a piece of paper in his hand to block his face, and proceeded to switch his seat so he was facing AWAY from the two counter operatives who stared him down. He then made a phone call in that position and left.

Is this foriegn terrorism or some sort of home grown?

I now understand the non Liberals attitudes about casually allowing foriegners from hostile cultures into their hometowns etc to work and live. And if they weren't wrong then those two counter operatives wouldn't have shown up.

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  1. Oh, the perps that show up to defend the TI against other perps. I see that all the time. Some times, the people countering the perps and the perps as well seem so clumsy talking that they give it away it is an act. You can bet the whole deal was scripted. I say this because I've notice the do some syncing of tactics with other TI's as well. For example, I had been writing about how the perps claim to have us 'protected', that their campaigns can serve as protection against 'rogue', random harassors who know our status as a TI and are themselves getting into the act. The idea is to have these actors, one group is supposed to be the faction who knows of your status, and is randomly harassing you. The second group showing up is supposed to be 'smart mobbed' in, because the perps monitoring the situation are seeing the random perps, and are sending in the formally dispatched group to protect you from the random perps. It can be an act, because I have seen this time and again: have some characters do psy-ops, but then send in secondary actors to cancel or heal the damage the first group has done with their psy-ops. I have always felt this was fake and part of their mind games, to make it seem they are protecting me, when all they are doing is deception, and trying to sell us on the harassment. Maybe the goal is to lull us into a false sense of security so the brainwashing can settle in better, or maybe they are making us believe they are protecting us, to lessen our motivation for fighting and exposing them.

    I say it's FAKE all the way. You know those pro-wrestling matches, where the good guy gets attacked randomly by some bad guy running out of the dressing room, and then a good guy or another bad guy saves the victim by acting actor no. 1. And this continues. But a lot of this is just a vehicle to have a heel (bad guy) turn face (good guy).

    It sounds like a mind game, and not very sophisticated. They can do better, but I better not encourage them. I doubt if the perps really work like this. Probably every one is a perp. The only protection we get as TI's is that perps don't attack us physically, because they will get in trouble and have something happen to them. Other than that, everything they pull is suspect all the way, and your reasoning is correct.

    I too was fooling for the perks and protection bits. I do all the time, as I am only human. The best way to look at it is: as target, you are fucked. They can do whatever they want, but the lower level perps have to obey the higher level ones. But these higher level perps: who's to tell what their goal is? Entertainment, or business, or if it is business, they may get off on watching us suffer. It's what psychopaths do. The other thing is that they are afraid of exposure, and don't trust them ever.