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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

more interesting observations about women who get targeted using Buffy St Marie as example

I dont mean to focus so much on this woman who allegedly according to another TI who has a lawsuit with the govt for being targeted, this musician was targeted for her activism.

I note that there are similarities in what gets a woman targeted. I look more and more into her work and notice some things.

She is Native American, obviously by her looks but also you can hear it in her voice especially the trill as she sings. I have taken in the voice tone and inflections of many DNA cultures in my time becuz, well its what my brain does. Its almost like an introduction to identify people. If you listen Native Americans often have a specific voice inflection or way thier words are spoken and that goes for Native Americans of other regions (what we call 'Mexicans' are Native Americans and so are Cubans and other people who carry the DNA of peoples indiginous to land in the 'Americas'. ) This in itself back in those days was most likely a threat.

Also she was raised in the New England area...oh oh. That means she was raised to be smart as part of daily life and the goal of ones life is to USE that intelligence. More threat.

Now her looks. She is imperfect yet is very pretty and attractive. Threat.

She is the ideal European or Arabic sensuality but this kind of daaarrrk and sultry is still and will always be a total threat in the Germanic and WASPy, Nordic ideal worshipping USA. Even the blacks here have to have an edge that is somehow this type of 'white' to be marketable to the public and acceptable.

Some of the photos of her are pure sexy and that along with a brain and lady like presentation is more than the USA can handle. It demands that our men work harder at being worthy than they feel they should have to. That is not what the USA is about.

Also she has a bit of what is referred to as 'the witch' in her. In more positive terms it means she is a goddess type, most likely back in ancient times she would have been a tribe Shaman or just a wise one or elder. No problem in other cultures or in some European Forget it. That is worked into porn or sex mags...its never supposed to be REALIZED by women.

She also has the driving power of a man and masculine qualities. This may be the most threatening thing about her. Sjhe handles herself with the confidence of a male and she has if you look closely, some swagger...when not playing lady like.

Cher is about as much native as this country can handle.

I see now why Native women were exploited as sex slaves during the destruction of the indigenous people of this countgryu ( oh the natives down in the southwest have stories to tell...when they finally stop being shy to talk to you). And its no wonder now why this culture has to be surpressed.

Many women who are targeted I notice, present a strong wise elder or leader quality from many different DNA cultures. Always an expression of the primitive female aspect of pre Christian matter where they hail from.

And many of the survivors of tbmc slavery I notice have the same strong features to thier faces. This is another subject however, but it seems that streght or inhernent masculinityh when mixed with an exacting femininity is a deadly combination to those who are threatened by this.

Not to compare myself to Ms. Saint Marie but I was told once, taunted really, that I was not the Nordic ideal and I was 'semetic' looking, even though I am not Jewish in descent and that in this culture,that sort of darkness of look was interpreted as just plain evil in the USA.

Still? I find it hard to believe that this kind of female is still a threat in the USA. That these kinds morals and values still apply.

And its probably worse since the neo cons brought back sexism as acceptable once again.

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Anonymous said...

I fear you may be right, which is sad since Buffy Sainte-Marie should be held as an example to follow. In a world rapidly turning to materialism and consumerism, Buffy Sainte-Marie offers something quite different as a message.