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Monday, December 14, 2009

Phoenix is still bad news/computer down due to hacking

computer is down wont post for a while. hacked. it seems if u get an aircard with your name on it its just easier to be found and hacked. had constant trouble with the netbook. there is always something happening with it.
I also wasnt happy to see I was dealing with Nextel and I wont get into why. Its no wonder im having problems.

now its down completely.

when you are gang stalked at this level its sort of hopeless. I was told "if its a govt or other powerful entity you dont have much chance against it".

there are other very stange things that go on with the computer if youd believe it which you wont.
it almost feels like there is something going on with emotional signatures.. i wont get into it.

Being around people that are not targeted, and even around thier equipment there is a whole different feel. like thier lives are undisturbed there isnt that feeling going on that there is being a TI. thier equipement isnt hacked constantly there is a feeling of beng able to live and have a life.

I can see how non targets dont believe what we live through. its absolutely inhuman. and most of all the 'perps' are unbelievable. who would believe that people are that cruel and organized in a huge network? it really does register under conspiracy and it sounds paranoid as hell.

alot of what we go through is believable but much of what we dont disclose would never be recieved well. its becuz other people are not targeted thats why.
i just think that people who are not targeted dont even begin to understand how 'evil' this is..they dont want to believe that such things really exist in this world. They believe its only in the movies.

in Phoenix trying to get to the south. Phoenix is very very bad. I got hit very badly and really almost gave up. this does not surprise me as this city is involved heavily due to it being
-the city involved in the money laundering and fed investigation in 2005
-the city it was suggested i move to after i got my sign out of court settlment from Olnick from the moldy apartment (that fucked me up for life) due to it being hot and dry to try to repair some of the damage
(and of course i didnt find out til later when i was there that phoenix is where the money was laundered through or pot was dealt through and got the clue that i was sent there to make me look somehow connected or guilty either that or phoenix is going to be dangerous due to that connection. phoenix AZ- 33 latitude 111 longitude.)

so yes doing very badly. but better today.

what makes no sense is why people hate TI' so much. its the harassment that has made us all so much less than we could have been as people.

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  1. I don't understand their level of hatred either. I get a lot of these everywhere, who feel not only justified in carrying out their harassment, but that they are somehow entitled to it. They also seem to have this work ethic about their harassment, something so blue-collar about this. It's as if they are putting their time in, so to speak, and they seem to get this sort of "runner's high" or whatever it is workaholics have. Except their "work" is harassing and provoking targets and making them feel like crap.

    Also, some girl I used to know was trying to get me to go to Arizona. So perhaps she wanted me to get slammed over there. No thanks; the perps over here are ridiculous and cruel enough. Some of these stalkers are so ridiculous, like they feel like taking part in the harassment is like they are reclaiming back what they feel was theirs (not the TI's) in the first place.

    They seem to be looking at me and the sense of self-esteem I have, because I have intelligence and artistic ability, and they feel that somehow, though they are complete jealous losers, it isn't fair that I should be feeling good about myself and acting all confident. It should be THEM, see? They act like I'm "done" and I should be hanging my head like I'm some sort of loser. They are very ridiculous with their harassment. I can only guess why they are projecting their own faults onto me. They seem so confident that though they are complete nobodies, that I am the goofball, not them. It's interesting what a little bullying by using slanderous namecalling will get you. The sense that I get is that they feel they are making their own lives right by making me out to be whatever they are.