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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Native cultures in the USA...assimulated and lost but utilized fully by whites

I am so disgusted by all this and always have been. Believe me, third wavers get treated badly or as second class citizens often as well. We have a black president but I doubt we will ever have an Italian one....not a directly Italian one. I mean alot of the powerful WASP families are Roman from Great Britain or old Italian families of power in centuries past but not common Italians.

How much of the first and second wavers (people whos ancestors were here before the 1900's) have looks, musical talent, voices or artistic talent that is from Native peoples in the USA? I notice that much of Afro influence is paid attention to in music but NEVER Native contribution as far as it being fused with existing forms of music that are 'American'.

Blues is just fusion..the fusion of European folk with African music. Sooo there is no Native influence at all? You see the obvious influence in things like Johnny Cash and country music...older country.

These people just dont own casinos ya know. And that is here in the East. When you go out west the tribes are poorer than they are here.

I am seriously disgusted at the way I have been treated in this country and people keep making excuses like my family is Catholic or my fathers father had communist leanings due to being Slavic. Or its some family vendetta from way back in one of my lines.
Then I look around and in my travels see the ravages of peoples that have also been thrown aside as they are still inconvenient...yeah inconvineint truth.

This nation is stolen land and for me its been ripped apart. I feel I dont even belong in a place I was born. I always sensed that we as Eurpoeanas were 'guests' on this land but in New England I felt hosted. And come to think of it I have always had a strong Native presence around me with someone around me being part native...from Jake to my foster family to a relative who married into my mothers family.

If it were not for this protective presence I doubt if I would have felt so comfortable on this land to begin with. Whatever that was is not gone with the rest of my life that was ripped from me. We take Native energies for granted in the USA. And I have experienced the results of disharmony wiht these energies ...like in TN where I had such a hard time and it turned out the vibe was so bad due to it being on the trail of tears.

And where do I love to go the most in the USA? The southwest and anywhere near Mexico. What does that tell you?

I think its seriously time to consider going back home where my people are from and leaving the US to the greedy obnoxious whites who dislike me as much as the Natives.
Also one less immigrant to dishonor the land that isnt mine anyway.

I dont think I can live on stolen land anymore...and its been RE stolen by whatever bizarre unreal/surreal reality we have now with the recent Bush/Obama administrations drama bullshit. I am really sick of it. Its boring. Its wasting my time and its really badly produced as well.

Its time to leave the theatre becuz this play stinks.

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  1. Here's a good example of that 'alternative delivery method' you spoke about.


    I believe you talked about a similar situation in your blog here, a guy you thought were "feeling" but just wasn't all there. I have a similar experience. Sometimes, I think these stories are completely fictional, just aimed at TI's. I guess having us completely surrounded like this completes their little power trip?