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Saturday, December 5, 2009

negtivity is sure to end upon leave Boston// experiences the exact same again in Hostel w/ assumed tech

Once again i due to over work and memory loss or prob witgh memeory realize taht i experience thingbs the exact same way in the same places but dont realize it until it happens do to me not being able to keep track of all that occurs in each place.

again there is much remote influence tghrough what i assume is tech at this hostel and i notcie that the feelings and thoughts end at 11:00 when it is check out time. i note a feelings free of constraint shame or inhibitedness-forced inhibitidness, and the beikng targeted with low level very frequent sexual stimulTOLN (this time positive but still part of behavior mod and influencing ones Will Power) and repeatitive thoughts all GO AWAY AT 11;00 AM and i only notice that due to the change in ME and how i think and feel NOT by looking at the clock. ONCE again i can tell there has been a chane at a certain time due to changes in my conshusness not due to knowing what time it is exactly,

dont tell me that there is not a full scale program of 'people management' going on in the USA in different locations with differnet effects but still its using tech to influence the human mind. Why cant I feel this good the whole time I stay here? this is why i never get any true quality rest in MA whenb i get a room in a hostel or motel. the only real rest I have ever gotten is in a total dive with no satellite or cable or even a phone in the middle of Port Huron MI. Best hotel rooms for TIs are total dives due to lack of interference.

You think I am paranoid or imagining thinbgs? then why does remote influence always work on a time clock? i have posted many times about the whole program seeming to subside at approx 12 midnite every single night in the USA. THat is just for me I dont know about anyone else.

I want to say its connected to the WIFI but it could be anything..look up other TIs who have backrounds in science as thier explainations about how remote infuence tech works are much better than mine.

And I am sorry for being so negative. It has taken me 2 months by my calender as I look to0 get just a few errands done due to how difficult it is to navigate here.
Its always the same here. The tech seems so heavy that what little harassment is used in unison with that just makes it impossible to function.

I am not just crazy I have been at this since 2003 and I am telling yoiu it doesnt madke sense that alot of these changes occur not only at the same time each time and the same way but in the same locations. Mental illness doesnt occur on a time clock in the exact same fashion with the same results each time. its too machine like or technological.

if you just drop for a moment the easy explainations that society gives you for say, what i am alleging to experience and do a bit of reading, you will find that what I claim to exist is totally possible according to what is documented to be in existence technologically and if not fully documented there is enough leads to use deduction to assume that there is classified tech being used.

with the amount of embarassing info I have on important people why would i just conveniently go crazy upon a federal investigation aroiund money laundering and cop payoffs as well as my mother and also i suspect back in 95 connected to the gov not wanting to pay survivors of radiation exposure - and THAT is documented. If anyone is going to be discredited and silenced its me.

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  1. Your spelling and syntax is always at its worst when you are posting from Boston.

    It was best when you were in Texas. Boston would appear to be a bad place for TIs, or indeed, any normal member of the human race.