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Thursday, December 3, 2009

before i leave the usa

ahh before i leave the usa to go somewhere less racist, and classist..oh i am sorry i am not naive. i mant someplace where the racism and classism or even sexism work more to my advantage or are in my interest.was a blond

before i leave we are going to have some fun.

next i will talk about Jews...no not blind hatred as they have been of assistance in the past. no, just the rather large number of my ex associates clients who happen to be jews in the entertainment industry or live in that community in Brookline who I have recognized as perps. and then we can talk about Isrealis and have fun with talking about a bitch I met in NA named Netta who was one of those blonde Pole type Isrealis who thinks she is better than other Isrealis due to that, who was a brat and a pain in my ass who kept trying to pump me for information about "other Isrealsis locally that i might know." She was part of that awful crowd of little shits who helped Jake and it was during the height of the harassment.
She and her little rich friends (her dad is a scientist or something which is why she is being hosted in my country) used to do sick shit like go to poorer neighborhoods for NA meetings and laugh at the people speaking. Places like Medford or Malden. Class acts. Good use of all that doe.

Then we can talk about a south African whack job named Stream who got in with the Israelis in Brookline married a poor one who was here illegally ( worst plumber)and seemed to all of a sudden have her screen play read and started to go far in entertainment..oh and she helped terrorize me of course.

dont forget all those rich families from Brookline who keep thier kids trust funds from them yet have thier kids and grandkids on SSI.

We are going to have so much fun..then I am going to find some corner of the world where I am not shunned just becuz I am conveniently either
-not part of a specialized group or
-serving a specialized group..like my ex associate

I guess i am not the face of the future, progress or a long standing powerful speical interest group in the USA so my being targeted is of no consequence....the attitude is why dont i just go away?

Oh I will. I will go somewhere where I am not a minority and these groups are barely tolerated. Have a nice NWO. Good luck USA I wont be here.

Even though no matter where the TI goes you'll get targeted anyway. The USA is just intolerable.

The guy you voted for is wants to send troops to Afganistan...This country has become a huge police state and bigtime no fun zone where the only people who can get away with anything are those rich or connected enough to pay off supposedly stand up zero tolerance authorities.

I cannot stand the zero tolerance attitude and they have the audacity to still harbor corruption. This is the most ridiculous situation this country has ever been in and its total social control nothing else.

Anyone with any brains should have gotten out years ago. I know gang stalking is from all types of people and all kinds of people are victims and am not talking about US the TI's. I am talking about what seems like special interest groups who will sell me out as well as their own to get what they want.
I cant take that anymore. I can see 'regular' guys hating me becuz most of them have jobs connected to the mob or they are extremely sexist and threatened. I can see women hating on me due to them being jealous for a number or reasons from the way I looked to how I dont care to bow to the role this society insists on for a poor gentile white woman, especially in Boston.
The amount of African Americans involved in gang stalking is astounding. Second generation COINTELPRO cant be that damn big. So whats up? I read about black Targets complaining about it as well. Its mind boggling.

And the bullshit I have received from Israelis and some perps saying things about Israel. OK NOW WHAT???? What is the damn problem???

What is my ex associate THAT protected by this faction? or is it the little game you have played in the past from the LaVey faction or what I have dubbed the 'satanic Jew' type. I am not Anna Nicole..do I look blonde to you? And she was pretty damn smart too.

There is amovie that reflects this attitude. In the 60's many Jews turned to LaVey and the church of Satan and seemed to leave Judaism temporarily.

This film has a very annoying little Jewish woman in it, and her and this sort of devilish man who is tempting this Catholic girl torture her mother, a Catholic stripper who they guilt into suicide. The old lady taunts the woman before she takes her own life with a comment " In my culture we dont divorce our men, we bury them". http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0060636/

The Church of Satan has a definitive background with Judaism and LaVey get noted as a self-hating Jew often, usually by other Satanic factions who cant stand him, either due to their anti semetic stance or due to the fact they consider him someone who ruined what Satanism was like as a culture years before his book and influence on American culture.

I am sure it is attractive to many Jews that Satanism is very anti Christian.

Dont get me wrong there have been all kinds of people in on my distruction. Chinese were big for a while and I often wonder about the Asian who used to be the manager of the Whole Foods in Brookline/Brighton who moved to the Cambridge store...he always thought my situation was amusing and seemed on a heavy power trip. The Chinese might be a very specific situation related to local politics and crime...or it could just be another faction in on it.

as far as all these people from all these groups who helped destroy my life and now treat me like i need to go away and with total disregard.

Fuck em all.


  1. I knew something was seriously wrong with the US as early as 1999, and was ready to leave in 2003... but my parents were having problems, I had to take care of that, and then when they died in 2005, I got slammed by the gang stalkers.

    Not everyone who's left behind is an idiot. Some of us were caught off guard.

    I will probably end up leaving anyway.

    The targeting never goes away but it's my observation that certain areas are much better, gang stalking wise, than others. Republican-voting working class neighborhoods are the worst for me.

    Right now I live in a majority black working class neighborhood. I know what your feelings are about the role of blacks in your targeting, but it's pretty decent (at this time) for me. Everyone around these parts is highly aware of PO-lice harassment and snitching, etc. I still get street theater and harassment but it's friendlier, along the lines of "don't hate me man, I have to do this".

    That doesn't mean things are wonderful. I am highly cognizant of the fact that a terrible crime has been perpetrated against me and they would rather throw my life away rather than admit to wrong doing. The targeting feeds on itself... it is a covert action against a person and then a covert cover-up, and a cover-up of the cover-up... etc. Never ends.

  2. where would be a good place for TI to go to? I am in Europe and its hell here too,, where ever i go im ostracised everyone i know turns a blind eye to it. where would u go and where could most Ti congragate together where they wouldnt sell eachother out, the factor is isolation that makes the perps stronger to gang up against one person. if TI can all get together in one country/place hen im sure the targeting will be diminished.