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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Monday, December 14, 2009

some interesting comments from ONGANGSTALKING on YouTube

jeremystalked (3 hours ago)
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The concern over overseas human rights abuses is trendy and utterly fake - working up your outrage over stuff that's happening 8000 miles away is very safe because you will never have to deal with it personally. You can send your check in and convince yourself you did all you could.

Rachel and people like her get persecuted by people who call themselves good. They want to bury her so they can pretend that sort of thing doesn't happen here.

Stay alive and keep talking - dont let them win.

ongangstalking (54 minutes ago)
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thanks for the logical, truthful and articulate comment. thank you. R-

izabo8 (1 week ago)
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I received a call back from the DOJ OVC two days ago. She said she has researched Organized Stalking on the internet after we spoke a couple months ago on the phone. She said she would HIGHLIGHT this crime of stalking when introducing initiatives for the new fiscal year. They are waiting for their budget approval. :)

ongangstalking (55 minutes ago)
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the amount of money involved in pulling this off is incredible and its done covertly. there is no way that whoever is behind this is getting prosecuted. not on the level you are talking about. there wud have to be some screw up that goes public or can be chased like a thread on a sweater to unravel the whole thing. but from what i have seen these are pros at the top and they know covert warfare.. they have thier own networks outside the system to pull off anything and nothing gets revealed.

1 comment:

  1. I do get the perps in cars as "watchers". There would be some guy in a white car with his parking lights on in pitch dark, parked around the corner somewhere in an alley, car running while I'm walking down the street. The sense I get is the guy must think he is stopping a child molester or dangerous criminal. I asked one goofy guy why he thought he should be out there watching me like this, and he just started going off calling me "idiot" and "retard" (he didn't sound very bright himself), and said "you idiot! We have kids around here!" He then said he was going to call the cops, give my description to them. He also threw some trash on my property the next day as well. Interesting the type of people that take part in this. He said I he my nightly walks actually were me roaming the neighborhood, like I must be a drug dealer or pedophile.

    I never knew that being jealous of someone's artistic ability somehow equated to stopping a child molester or what they feel was a drug dealer or some dangerous criminal.

    My perps also like to have stalkers standing around laughing in a vengeful way, like they are getting even with me. I'm not sure why; they haven't accomplished a damned thing except aiding and abetting dangerous criminals. If that's how they get their sense of accomplishment, standing around laughing like they knew I'm getting my "just deserts", then that tells me our society is in deep trouble.