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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Agro Jesus freak leaves comment that freaks me out and it cant be real..can it?R people really still that crazy?

A comment posted for approval to this blog:
"You really have no choice now .....except maybe to try Jesus. Try his teachings. Really try it. It will bring you peace in time. Hatred, bitterness and anger will destroy you in time. Let it better you and not destroy you. I hope you take my advice. If not, best of luck...."

Uhhhh, really all I can say to this is that you have NOT read some of the material on this blog nor have you even looked at my other labor which is ONMC.WORDPRESS.COM at all.

This is very insulting considering how hard I have worked for many years while living in poverty basically on 10,000 dollars a year. And considering I was talented, attractive and very smart this is NOT the life I would have had.

In fact I have to be honest in my response and ask you ...who the fuck do you think you are?

Programming is extremely complicated and the whole case around me as far as cover story was a hell of a thing to put together in itself. If I wasnt on the wrong side in this society I could have worked as some sort of problem solver or IS on the top 4 vocations for me according to intensive testing... and my years of work WITHOUT FORMAL TRAINING reflect that natural talent.

For anyone else who gets any bright ideas about religion I have posted before that Christianity is very damaging to someone who is coming out of programming due to the fact that it is almost always another form of a trap or a handler or a holding area.

Free Will and freedom of thought and expression as well as of SELF is of the utmost importance...not another prison. NO ONE should ever be forced into any spiritual belief system. EVER.

This has GOT to be some perp trying to get a rise out of one is this crazy. It just cant be.

Unless of course its expected that a brain damaged human being who is harassed and intimidated will give in to SOMETHING eventually. And it seems the Christians and some faction of something negative are vying for my spiritual energy. This has been going on for a while now.

You will NEVER destroy the skeleton or the remaining structure of my original programming. There are some things that cant be destroyed.

WHat you need to do, oh unwise one, is read up on Templars, Jacques de Maloy, Rosicrucian's, how Masonry is very different from Rosicrucian, Egyptian mystery schools, Ra,Ma'at, the rules and beliefs of ancient Egyptians, sun cults, and Seths people causing trouble in the ancient temples, which they have always done.

In fact I should do a piece on my other blog.

At some point you should also read about the history of the bible and its inconsistency. That Christians censor by changing info whereas Jews censor by leaving info out. I had studied this subject matter by the time I was in my twenties and had at least a partial grasp on the 'building' of the Catholic religion. You can still read books you know, they still exist.

What the hell is wrong with you people? I dearly hope that was someone trying to piss me off or get a reaction out of me, instead of someone who actually believes what I am reading in that comment.

There is nothing wrong with wanting a balanced life and making oneself evolved through one's own deeds. To contribute to humanity and also pursue selfish ends for oneself. It is a logical and sensible approach to life and living.

What you are suggesting is behavior modification or some sort of prison. Jesus and his teachings. If he existed which he may have...If he were here right now, he would totally reject your point of view. By his very actions he was a freedom fighter against corruption within the Jewish community (whistleblower) and a revolutionary against Roman rule (dissident) so thus he gets destroyed.

He also had a great ability to disregard authority at its root and this is extremeley dangerous to thepsychology that any authority uses to control a population especially with symbols: regarding paying taxes to the Romans. They thought they had him one time. They thought
-if he tells his followers to NOT pay their taxes then he is outright treasonous and they could finally be rid of him
-if he told them to PAY then he is going against his own teachings so he would be a fraud
what does he do? He arrogantly and offhandedly disregards the Romans authority by telling his followers to "give back to Ceasar what is Ceasars". Insulting a nations money is very effective as this is supposed to tempt the people and is used to bribe or intimidate them. He turned it around very effectively.
There is a theory that he was half Roman...with that reaction I would believe it. He knew just how to be a prick to the authority and stay out of its grasp.

So I have taken note of his teachings....jsut not in the way YOU and people like you would like. I dont buy into the enslavement of 'Jesus' or seek this diety out as some sort of last resort or place to run and hide becuz I am tired and cant fight anymore.

Not only does my Templar programming tell me I must write this book as obligation due to at least some faction of humanity being interested in the information ( Hermes is just a deliverer of information. From point A to point B.) After that my job is done on that front.
The 'satanic' if you insist on calling it that, part of my programming will have me self destructing long before I quit, give in, give up or let the enemy I am supposedly defeated by scoop me up into some POW situation or tame me and put me out to pasture as conquered and now harmless.

LIsten buddy, I am in a Dunkin Donuts until late tonite and they are playing Sinatra right now singing "Jingle Bells" and this Xmas theme is never ending.

If this isnt a slice of Hell I dont know what is...listen dude. Xmas is here with all its cheese and consumerism...I suffer enough at this time of year and there is NO WHERE in the USA to get away from this shit!!!!

THIS is when being homeless is most painful. During those holidays when you wish you had a cell or a cave or a closet or a room to just hide in for a week.
Homeless people are the way to go at 'XMAS'. First of all this may spiritually be what its all about and also these people dont get too excited and completely change who they are over night just to change back into bastards the minute that the tree comes down, unlike mainstream supposedly normal people.
At least the houseless are consistently miserable or realistic about life.

So pray for YOURSELF this season dude becuz that statement is really really f*cked up considering what I have lost what I have fought for, the oppression I have faced bravely and how much I have had to deal with.

Let it 'better' me? Give it UP! I was better when I was going to go to school to be a councillor. And hate and bitterness wont destroy me....I will hand it right back to them once the truth is known. The poison gets released its jsut a question of when.

In conclusion, your an idiot dude.

You know what will bring me "peace in time?" Revenge. You have absolutely no Italian DNA do you dude? You dont get it do you.

and I dont need your 'good luck' if I dont take your advice. I have self knowledge as well as the knowledge that I was doing just what I was supposed to do to better myself when I got slammed by this system. I also have oodles of internal programming and in alot of it you dont even exist. YOU are the one who needs luck.

I am going to go listen to Urgehal and think of you dude. Good battle music.

Guess what happens to warriors when they stop fighting? They get fat, they start drinking (like Ulysses S. Grant when not in war) or they just die. Some of us have low MAO levels...we need battles not 'luck'. Well, not from YOU if I dont take your sick ass advice.

Please tell me that was someone messing around or reverse psychology or something and not a serious comment.

It just cant be.

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  1. i am reading your blog and i relate to all you write and u have a great and clear way of describing the hell we go thru. i did not write the jesus comment that u are blogginh about. but i am looking for answers too and my situation is pretty dire as well.i can see the cheesiness of the comment that was left.I am wondering if this all has a spiritual meaning to cant just be political.and i know how u feel to lose everything and to fight like hell and then religion is the last thing on ur mind..but i have hope that something will pull me and u and others through this, it sounds like we are all going thru the same feelings and hell.battered down and kept down in a repetive abuse cycle.i think ur book will be a good read and u should definately write it, revenge is certainly the only thing that will bring me peace too.fayroozable