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Friday, December 18, 2009

found the cause of what made me sick last night-mold effects again

I found the cause of that headache last night as well as the nausea and the dry throat and extreme sinus pain:

there was an orange that had gotten extremely moldy in an enclosed space in this vehicle which is large. It was going through the air system in a sleeping area. This is also why it did not bother anyone else but me. This is all it takes to send my body into an episode so severe that it causes all those symptoms that I recorded last night. It was painful I'll tell you and the dizziness was scary.

I noticed it when I pulled it out of the cabinet and was sort of relieved that it was something that could be removed.

So there it is for those of you interested in the effects of mold on the body over time and post exposure.

For those of you into MK Ultra who are familiar or have been following along there is a theory I have concerning the LSD portion of the experimentation. If you have just skimmed over MK Ultra files you will note that LSD was used to induce confession or was experimented with for that purpose. Also its obvious by now that its part of behavior modification. I have also posted that its documented Russian on top of using psychiatry to get rid of dissidents they also utilized exposure to mycotixins to dumb down dissidents via brain damage.

Its interesting dont you think, as I observed after finding the orange, that with the extreme effects of mycotoxins last night that I snapped and wrote furiously more material that held disclosure of sensitive information than I ever have before?
I know it looks just like a stupid orange but the chemicals in that mold patch after the amount of differenet molds found in my apartment that I had lond exposure to affected me greatly.

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