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Friday, December 18, 2009

'she deserved it'..hmm lets focus on that(snicker)

hmm. America wants to remain naive so that they can select who to persecute.

Ok then you need a lesson on heiresses who suck d*ck until they get thier inheritance 101.
The list of rich kids I mean really rich kids and other psuedo respectable people who engage in very questionable behavior due to how fucked up they are is quite numerous. It makes you wonder what kind of people thier parents are. Then you see how much MORE f*cked up they are once they get the money when they are 30 or so. The ones who were mean to me I hope they fry thier brains out. Total fuck ups and wastes of air...but loaded so lets worship them blindly.; F*CK YOU AMERICA. If you want to worship rich white trash its not my tastes really....but dont drag me into your sickness by trying to scapegoat me completley.


Oh by the way the alter system in a mind controlled slave is amazing. Any memory files from an alter especially an alter ego that functioned doing anything traumatizing is sealed off from the Self. You have accomplished nothing.

I remain as innocent as a lamb..but dont worry. The harassment has set off other programming that will ensure I am as nasty as possible now. You really should have left me alone to heal myself privately and become a better person.

Your society seems to lack the intelligence to populate your society with people that nurture or are helpers to other humans...why would you want to piss someone off instead of help create a better person. Your world makes no sense.

Jeanette Angell can go to hell by the way...and BU where she slithered out of. Nothing is worse on this planet than a fu*kin over educated POSER who creeps around other peoples scenes and then claims to master them by never having to suffer as hard as the real warriors on the front lines. She'd make a military battle into a coffee table book if she could.
Disgusting to all those who have fallen. Worse than Jane Fonda being used by the Viet Cong. Joke.

Have a nice new year if I didnt add that already.

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