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Saturday, December 26, 2009

a new thread on gang stalking needs work(

To whoever "JEREMYSTALKED" is we all appreciate what you are doing but you need to take it more seriously as credibility to the public is critical right now. Always we must remain credible as the tide may turn in our favor.

Also we must take caution as there have been many attemtps on our collective life so to speak, by dangerous people who have credibilty in acedemics and the mainstream. You must not take for granted that the system uses silence and non disclosure to bury us...sometimes they use attack and its done in a way that makes all our efforts seem like part of mental illness.

The thread is a very good idea and inventive but the sarcasm in the description needs to go.
Just be straight forward in your aggression and say that people need denial to exist and you want that denial now viewed as a delusion.

cut out the bit about medication and mental health professionals..why?

Also your giving the perps too much attention with your directed passive-aggression.
THE ULTIMATE WAY TO HANDLE GANG STALKING PERPS IS TO MAKE THEM FEEL LIKE THEY DO NOT EXIST AND DISREGARD THEM COMPLETELEY-remember they live off YOUR energy as a TI. They seek attention, get off on the power of the group or mob like a cult or gang and love to see you squirm. They are weak hearted individuals who take full advantage of vulnerable people and should be punished by being shunned BY THE TARGET THEMSELVES. Since society rewards them and doesnt punish them we must do so as best we can. Passive-aggression only gives in to thier assumption you are weak.

-WE NEED CREDIBILITY and this thread if done properly may just rival all the claims that whoever DOES claim to be a victim of covert warfare is mentally ill.

(and believe me I am unraveling and have probably no cred becuz that is what the gang stalking campaigns is supposed to do to a Target so they will never be reliable victim witnesses, either to something pre existing that got them targeted or now to the harassment itself. only the strong of mind can even survive a heavy campaign and there will be permanent damage to the person. If you do not have ruined cred as I do then work with that. This is why I continue to be harassed and systematically ignored due to my being targeted so heavily making me so off the wall. I leave all my information so that other TIs can use whatever they need. Really this is a way of bleeding the TI to death. We give a lifetimes worth of energy and work and still we are destroyed and ignored.
The system is arrogant and believes it should decide who lives and who dies.

Denial is the filter in which people use to block out negativity or 'bad' or 'evil' in thier worlds. Ignorance is bliss so you might have a hard time pulling people out of thier comfort zones but people are dying and there have been several gang stalking related suicides. Human experimentation is thought to be involved and we are talking about human and civil rights violations as well as Geneva convention...if those things even apply.

I see so many people hanging thier heads when they see me and NOT as a tactic- people know what is going on in the USA they just dont want to deal with it.

Read STASILAND a book put out a few years ago- its plainly written that most people in East Germany either knew about the covert harassment system and did nothing or they took part with the ease of paying a phone bill, in order to live "undisturbed" by the covert system of harassment and stalking.


Jeremy said...

That was me. I went into a psych forum looking for people who were complaining about gang-stalking-like symptoms without knowing what was really happening to them.

I ran into one nasty character who was there 'on behalf' of his soon-to-be-ex- wife, not really interested in understanding her problems except insofar as it would help him kick her to the curb faster. I argued with him and hit the usual brick wall. If the government were persecuting or torturing people, obviously they would document everything in real time on a government web site, being sure to keep the media in the loop - that is what some people believe, apparently.

You're right, sometimes the denial has more sinister intent, as I've written.

Here's a couple other things I've written that seem to have made waves:

The rules of gang stalking

An Army of Losers

Jeremy said...

I updated it. I left out the stuff about meds and psychological treatment.

Links to the old document will automatically redirect to the new one.