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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

being stalked and harassed in Phoenix AZ..cant be left alone for 1 day

I was left on my own temporarily for a few hours and sure enough. Older white pick up truck bald white guy with tatoos like numbers or letters on back of his forhead. He went my me on my way to a store and made sure he looked right at me, then followed me into the store, then parked outside and kept watching me in the circle K. I leave and try to ditch him by going around the back of the store to go down the street and he then has to let me know he is indeed stalking me by following me back there and nodding at me. He then parks around the back so he can get a vantage point to see where I go down the street- or where I decide to sleep tonite. The marks on him look like gang from jail. Could his training be military or other similar? All I know is he is one of the scariest stalkers I have had yet...another ashmanski but scarier- if thats possible.

I ditched him again and as i covertly entered another building another white pick up truck that was newer came into the lot of the building I was in and then left as if to say 'we know where you are staying tonight'.

It just does not end and the message is not only are you being watched its 'if you are alone without a man with you you WILL be harassed'.

They do it so they can restart the cycle of brainwashing through trauma that you had going last time you were alone too long and gang stalked. They know that eventually this will lead to suicide...or at least keep reducing the target to the state of a child.

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