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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Another RA Blog That May Be Useful

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AJH said...

Ever pondered the notion that RA, organized child abuse (fill in the religion) and abduction abuse might all be connected in some way? Like attempting to extract or render psychic energies while under duress? I suppose I can thank my tormentors for planting this notion, but I reckon much of the past organized child abuse in Canada (native indian schools, Duplessis Orphans, Christian Brothers in Newfoundland) had sanction at the very highest of political offices (provincial/state and federal government cabinets). This has been revealed by public enquiries in two of the three cases. And of note, some of the Duplessis Orphans are now getting TI abuse; pains, extra-conventional gravitic fuckery and gangstalking. (The Duplessis Orphans have not been publically investigated, as no one in the traditional media will touch the story. But, it was Premier Duplessis that signed the government order to make the orphanages under the care of the Roman Catholics into psychiatric facilities at the stroke of a pen, which then spawned abusive and even terminal experimentation on children in the 1950-60's, right here in supposedly free Canada). Food for thought anyhow. Take care.