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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"You're Sponging Off the System"

Decency is not measured totally in monetary terms.
Its amazing what this system can do. I am sitting here and noticing a distinct hatred for myself and upon examination note that there are ideations that I am:
-sponging off people
-sponging off the system
-am living off the system akin to 'Jews' (in many cultures it was feared would live off the local system)

I fought these ideations by thinking logically and humorously about all this:
"The logical thought would be that I am targeted and need help or that I am targeted and therefore have to live off the system."
This broke through what I consider to be part of the behavior modification program.

Its no surprise that this covert activity as it does seem to exist is written about on the internet as being supported widely by Republican conservative WASPs. Ridiculous as it may seem SOMEONE out there sees the value in breaking someone down by making one hate one's Self.

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downcastmysoul said...

I get the same reaction feeling: now I'm worthless since I do not work. Yet, when I worked, I had to work the lowest paying jobs, had no health insurance, and was constantly getting fired due to harassment. I literally HAD to go on checks after becoming HOMELESS after I lost my job and no one would help me. I just love the way I got fired off the last job too: they didn't even bother to tell me and I went in and the boss says "oh, did you know you were fired?" just casual like that...I got that all the time working temp, "oh, did you know it was your last day?" any given Friday.

I have tried volunteering and working very part time (to avoid messing up my check) and the perps f*ck*d with that as well.