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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mayor David Bentkowski OHIO positive use of being targeted


This radio show had a guest on who is a lawyer who is mayor of Seven Hills in OHIO where I was riding through. My ride host was doing something and left me to listen to this station.

This lawyer was targeted and they used those words exactly. No he isnt a full blown 'TI' but he was targeted on the internet with people maliciously altering a photo of him. It makes me sad becuz he seems so nice and upstanding but from what we know about this system it HATES UPSTANDING HONEST PEOPLE and it also hates YOUNG UPSTARTS which the old boy networks mistrust in politics. In that world 30 or so is young.

I want you to know that there are all kinds of young idealistic people in law enforcement, politics, social services etc that go into these systems using what they learned in college or trying to put forth the best human qualities or thier talents for YOU THE PUBLIC. They are shot down or handled in these fields until they are 'trained' to accept corruption. Anyone older like myself who wants to deal with corruption is destroyed, like I was. The only reason I am even alive still is that most likely someone stepped in on my behalf and made it clear that I dont know anything really and that I never learned the way the system works as I lived in an insular reality in a hidden subculture most or my life. In a way I am being 'trained' like an idealistic college grad new to the world about how the world works. Unfortunately, a woman of 38 is not going to sway to easily and they know it so I was just destroyed.

Also I had no resources to defend myself. Not ones anyone could see on the outside.

I DO NOT like the way that this show kept making fun of his situation while he was trying to approach this subject matter seriously. The show is stupid anyway as it engages in the typical negativity so prevalent nowadays.

also what is intersting is that they talk about how they love thier gps tech on many gadgets and then have lots of ads for HD tech as well as micro chip tech companies. Nuff said.

Oh they also engage in saying things like "there are too many people like this nowadays " and something should do something about this etc etc all concerning a man who put Michelangelo's David out front of his house in a Santa hat. Of course when local kids started asking why Santa was naked the cops called and he put a pair of shorts on David...he did this voluntarily due to the fact that it was found there was no way to legally make him take it down due to the statue being a classical work of art.
When this schlock jock team read that he put shorts on David one of the dj's said "good, good one" or something that was 'good, he should be forced to behave'. He then said that the man was doing it to get attention.

Ironic dont you think as you live YOUR LIFE ON THE RADIO AS A PUBLIC PERSONA...gee you must WANT ATTENTION if you become a radio personality.

This channel is obviously pushing the agenda hard. This is why media cannot be trusted if you are targeted.
You know why people do things like that? Becuz everyone who still has a brain in the USA is sick and tired of a self righteous, pious network covering for corruption by pushing the idea that the world is in such bad shape and then conversely pushing negativity constantly.

You gotta love this. They are so negative and constantly target people on thier show and they are obnoxious like every other radio show nowadays and then have the audacity to turn around and bitch about some guy making a controversial statement. Hey at least it made people think.

I am listening right now. He is talking about a drunk woman..he is calling her "the idiot woman" while reciting this news story and he just gave the woman's name and address on the air.

Guess what ? No one with a brain is interested in YOUR pathetic opinion and slants on news stories. You suck for what YOU are doing to the fabric of our nation . These people are pure social control, psychological warfare on the public and part of the nation wide if not world wide dumb down of the public and destruction of culture.

Now as for the person who was actually DOING something positive this morning:

The way he is dealing with this is intersting and I would check out the book. I thank him and admire his efforts.

I am also sorry that while taking on this very serious subject matter you had to deal with obnoxious morons be constantly interrupted by them and had them taking focus off the seriousness of this subject matter by making jokes. This man dealt with them very diplomatically and it was admirable.

I want you the public to know that there are people like this all the time like I mentioned tackling the system but nowadays the power machine is so huge of a monster that people like this get jammed, ignored or knocked down. This was a part of American culture that was part of the balance. Its like its not allowed to seek fairness or justice, it almost feels like the best of human qualities are being wiped out of our memories.


Medawar said...

Not pertinent to this post, but thought this was relevant to some of your other concerns:

Anonymous said...

Another point: I bet their are a quite a few TI's who are married to perps. I certainly look like I may be headed in that direction. This person in question looks to be targeted heavily for this reason, but still does the bidding of my mighty handlers. That would be Mighty, as in Wizard of Oz, tiny man behind the curtain with lots of tech wizardry mighty. In other words, not very mighty at all. Just acting like it.

Anonymous said...

Just got another message from the perps saying I'm very "valuable" to them. Interesting. I've always gotten the impression that I was being protected while being tormented in a very "prescribed", well-planned way. Everyone I get handled by seems to following an identical script. Depending on who your perps are, I believe it may be possible that the harassment tactics could be the same in every region. If the high level perps are directly in control of a TI, then this could very well happen. All gangstalking tactics look the same to me no matter what town I travel to. Of course, I haven't been out of PA in a very long time. :-)