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Monday, December 14, 2009

shakiras video and Americas new boredom factor

i dont know much about her but I know she was of that era with Britney and other performers of the like.

I always heard American girls say that she was a bit to slutty etc. USA will never give up its puritanical outlook I dont think. In the 70s it seemed sensuality was acceptable. Its never the same as in EU cultures.

I notice she did the song all in Spanish...good. Maybe the boring POA (prisones of America) wont listen to it cuz its to ethnic and not bitch about how sexy she is.

She did an interview on a Spanish channel I watch when in places where Latino culture is prevelant (where of course my mediterranean side feels so not censored like in Boston or the midwest.) Its interesting how she decked herself out in big silver crosses saying 'i am religious dont attack me for being hot and talented and young' short its become a big crime to be powerful in the arts or 'special'. I notice they did a clever thing with damage control by having commoners make fun of her video a bit while she sat there and watched. As if it was necessary so she wouldnt be a target of mockery or jeolousy.

The world we live in has become so stupid...everyone is afraid of sex threatened by the power of female sensuality (unless its boxed and has become boring WTF?)

Sensuality is truly dead. It seems to have been replaced by violence and hatred.

U think this is a species who senses its on its last legs?Gee ya think?

Alot of what shes doing looks like art modelling so I really liked it. Shes doing alot of dance and structured movement not just shaking her ass.
I love the Spanish channels. Most people on thier soaps or whatever the drama shows are have black hair and the womens clothes and skin are nicer, they dress better than Americans and the men arent my idea of hot but they certainly are waaayyy better quality to look at than the men on TV here.
And their men dont seem afraid of female sexuality...boobs are popular and the women are tall and built like me. It makes me feel like being alive in this body isnt a crime the way America makes me feel and has all my life. Dance is part of thier daily culture as well.

What is annoying is how much time they took to show 'the public' being psuedo creative and making vids to make fun of the video.
Listen you little piss ants when YOU decide to stop thinking everyone in the horrid 'cult of the ameteur' is talented and uber creative then you cant join reality..
Its not wonder art and music suck now. You have to let the public in on it at some level..they cant just consume and enjoy true artwork from artists. Its like an entire social scene based on jealousy and lowering the bar to the abilities of the TOTALLY UNQUALIFIED.

Such is a country falling into a communist mentality socially that wont admit it.


I hope Shakira looks 25 when she is 40 keeps being 'too sexy' and pisses everyone one off especailly all her rivals. I hope J Lo hates her and is jealous as hell. I most of all hope she keeps doing exactly what the hell she wants despite peasant comment or interference.

If u want to be really creative then stop bitching about what other people are doing, quit your job and focus totally on being creative. Drop anyone who gets in the way of your projects and I mean children, family EVERYONE. Go live on the street if necessary; travel. and if find that all that focusing on being creative seems oh, overwhelming then go back to the water cooler and discuss what the gods and godesses are doing but stop trying to bring them down to your level or judge them or tell them what to never know the mob might just learn and get struck by lightning from Mount Olympus very very soon. They deserve it.
fuckin ASAP.

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