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Wow. Watching this. Never bothered with Bourne series before. Offended by them, beneath me so I felt (wheres the MK Kids' royalties? Another rip off). This IS extremely nasty, isnt it? Well, after so many years. After all this travel and the recent tasteless badly written attempted frame ups by clown(s) unknown- I realize something. Humans can try as much as they want to 'create' programming or influence of humans. Alterations. Modifications. Programming. Puppets. You arent gods. Im certain of that now. Theres a force greater than all of mankind that is the only solace that any of us have for the miserable approx 80 years we exist here. You can attempt to crack the codes of this force and the natural creation of life. Nothing is more powerful than the force that cares for this planet and it's people. I see now that the natural state of all things is like an eternal sunny day and that the clouds and storms are simply the illusions of darkness put forth by 'evil'. Oh...btw. If anyone wants to try to silence me again or block me from writing then try it. It didnt work last time. And remember this is all theorizing, amateur research and pondering. Maybe its a sci fi project...or a mind f*ck on the public-like the Beatles 'Paul Is Dead'. I do know that I wont allow anyone or anything to interfere with my writing. Ever again. Ok...just got to the motorcycle chase scene: ridiculous but funny.

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

update on anyphalactic shock allergic reaction to Bactrim/Boston corruption

Some things have happened.

Since the mold exposure years ago I had reactions to things like mold in any place I would sleep. everytime I get a room it ususally has to be on the second floor due to first floor rooms often being moldy at ground level,. I am so sensitive all I have to do is go into the room and start breathing in the air and i can tell.. headache and yikky feeling is immediate. I feel very clear headed and energetic when someplace not affected.

I had an allegy test done during the mold exposure in the apartment and it said i had an allergy to mold and dust mites-everything else was negative.

after the mold exposure it was obvious that allergies to things increased. However, my healthy habits countered this and any affect was able to be handled by me though I was often miserable or adversely affected I never had this severe shock afffect.

I had eaten common allergy foods witi h no problem, eggs, nuts, dairy-nothing seemed to be an obvious allergen to me.

However now after the reaction to Bactrim I am now finding I cant eat common allergy foods. Eating some ice cream with nuts in it brought me back to the ER but I took Benedryl and just waited outside the ER cuz I didnt want to deal with it again. You have to realize I have been dealing with surgeries and hospitals all my life and I am sick of them. And medical people are often a 50/50 chance of them being so mean that it worsens anything psychological I am going through in relation to being a trauma survivor-espacially as being admitted to a hospitla is another truamatic situation.

I tried to drink some milk today and didnt realize it was an allergy food but I am suspect of all foods now and am watching reactions carefully- sure enough just after drinking a few gulps I had to take another Benydryl and go through the effects again.

Its been really bad since the Bactrim reaction and I wonder if its permanent damage. The whole process of the allergice reaction is really enough to make my whole situtaion more difficult..and way to find a way to take passion away from a person- FOOD.

So now food isnt fun anymore its something I have to fear. The only good thing I can imagine is that I loose weight becuz food is such a turn off now.

there are groups on the internet that want to have Bactrim banned due to its side effects. If you have this reaction I suggest you join the campaign becuz this drug is dangerous--especially when docs dont listen. I told the doc that I had mold exposure that made me sick and that taking antibiotics made me feel 'mold sick' slightly. I also told her I had liver disease.

Why would she give me this med, its obvious I was not a good candidate for it. I tell ALL medical personell about the mycotoxicosis, firstly becuz for all time I want it on file that it ruined my life while that BITCH BARBRA PETTITI ran around locally saying "Rachel didnt deserve that money" about my settlement out of court. Actually B. Pettit and her son dont deserve to be in real esttate dealing with vulnerable populations like the elderly or low income if their attitude is so better than and arrogant. And HUD was no help--totally corrupt.

That is why court rooms are a joke and dont work and we must take our activism outside to the public. The system especially in Boston is so corrupt and works for connected criminals who appear to be straight laced snobs from Newton for instance- that anyone who cant scream 'foul' to the NAACP or isnt friends with the regular guy network who always 'knows someone whos cousin' or whatever can help you out, your screwed. Humans do things according to thier own wills especially there and not according to the laws.

the attitude of Boston is like the attitude in an Irish pub..after the locals who hang out there beat the shit out of a patron who isnt in the crowd, the fist question as the ambulance arrives is "Was he alone?" so they can cover thier asses. Its perceived that if you are alone you have no rights in Boston. Its so corrupt that everyone is basically in a gang...even if its ethnic or religious or a social group its really a gang to keep you safe from the other 'gangs' or groups that have territory or power.

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