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Sunday, December 6, 2009

as usual Eleanor White seems to stay positive with yet another contribution

...while I can hardly keep it together lately. Boston has a horrible effect on me and it usually leaves me like a vegetable. I don't know how she does it.

Here is her website:

I have her linked on my sidebar as a helpful TI and gang stalking resource but she always comes out with something new.

The cartoon idea struck me as silly and irresponsible when I first set eyes on it. I have had a bad experience with a TI who was either posing as a one of us and was a perp or a TI who was just fickle and jealous and decided to be a bitch. She used to do things like post jokes and useless time wasting sh*t and then say "I like to keep it light". So annoying.
I just didn't buy into it.

However looking into these cartoons they are accurate..and the purpose isn't to try to be humorous about it which actually I do a lot of that on this blog as I cant help my creative side being expressed as that is what I should have been doing all this time anyway instead of activism.

I like the fact it starts out with a dead cat and him actually stating its throat was cut. One thing about TI's...they don't f*ck around. Maybe that's why society hates us so much.

And its not trying to be funny it's illustrating how events go in our lives. Its a good idea.

why all this is underlined i have no idea nor do i know how to fix.

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Anonymous said...

When will you do your next utube video?

Justin, TI Ottawa Canada