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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Theory About JonBenet's Murder

The only place I could find this was off but there is this thread which adds more interesting information.

I dont like alot of these websites as they make sense one minute and then they dont the subject matter that is put forward is often undocumented or not credible. Its unfortunate becuz there is good material on alot of these kinds of websites.

Rense and Alex Jones are infighting...I just dont get it. Alex Jones has his moments of sounding like he's saying things that cant be substantiated. I just sift through and find things that are useful or sound sensible.

Here is the thread:
The original:

At least they are using handwriting or letter writing analysts and there is a witness from CA.

I think its important for people to see that abuse of the human being is the problem not what the cult uses as a front like what thier belief system is. There are all sorts of ritual abuse using different belief systems.

People have to understand the abuse is not normal. Some people seem to feel the abuse shouldn't affect someone for a lifetime. That is true IF WE WERE DEALING WITH NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES.
What did I post a few days back about terrorism? Terrorists are people who feel that extremism is the ONLY WAY OUT of thier circumstances. They are desperate people taking desperate action.

Note how the handwriting analysts specifically talk about ".. someone who feels watched all the time" or to that effect. This would be the norm for a mother of this kind of asset to this kind of cult.
Look at all the blogs and testimonies of Survivors off all kinds who have one thing in common- that pedophile groups into RA constantly watch and harass Survivors.
This is why survivors cant just 'get over it' or ignore thier circumstances.
An example would be that people could say I had a difficult life in my 20's. This may be true but it was not so difficult that I could not HEAL and RESTRUCTURE myself and GROW as a person. When it became evident that I not only intended to do so but that I now had the access to my internal power as human being to do so THE SYSTEM CAME AFTER ME. These circumstances are for the rest of the person's life.

The abuse is not normal. Its ritualistic. Also there is terrorizing that goes on that you or any other reasonable person would not believe. Some of these groups have access to so much money and connections it would be easy to set up some of the things that are experienced by targeted survivors of programming, RA, abuse or brain washing.
The effects are not something you can heal from becuz you cant get away from the source of abuse. This is why the idea of the targeted person being mentally ill is useful as no one wants to believe such a thing exists in our society or our world and so they dont have to if they just go alont with the idea there is something wrong with the targeted survivor.

It sounds like the mother acted out of a desperate sense of not being able to save her daughter.
Or it could have been they accidentally killed the child during abuse.

Either way the public has to chose to either acknowledge the existence of untouchable abuse cults or just continue to pretend such human atrocities dont exist.


Anonymous said...

From what I'm observing, there is no end of people willing to participate in local harassment groups. I can tell they really really lust over the satisfaction of dragging down a target, tormenting the target, wearing the target down and getting him to do whatever ANY MEMBER of the group desires. I believe it's not a group think thing all the time, but that each individual relishes their part in the harassment, like it's a huge conquest for them or something. They seem to feel angry and resentful of the target, by whatever means got them into that state, and individual members love just running the target over again and again. They must be getting a protracted sense of sexuality, something perverted, of playing their small role raping the target. Each individual I come across seems to know they are raping the target, and gets off on that. They seem to know that, if they so choose, they too can get the target to do things at their behest, or to just plain torment the target, rape style. For them, it is a dream come true. So why would they want to stop? From my position, some view me as a sex object, others as a cool dude they like to "talk" and "associate" with, or some piece of garbage they love to dump all of their sins on. The overall group mentality is that whatever damage they do to a target, that target has to bear the sins of the person tormenting them. Some of them admitted this to me -- that they see me as a personal sacrifice for them, someone to bear THEIR (not my) "cross".

Jeremy said...

I'm beginning to wonder if the reason there's so much dreck at the Alex Jones web sites and certain other conspiracy sites is that really, what they're doing is substituting their own mediated/programmed mind control system for the mainstream mind control system.

Jones is a savvy marketer and probably understands that there is too much bullshit in the mainstream for any thinking person to accept, and he's built a nice little media empire out of it, but it seems like he had to get into bed with certain people early on (e.g. David Icke) and now he can't afford to piss them off.

Also the conspiracy sites become a vehicle for anyone who feels disenfranchised (right now it is Republicans) so they spew their BS all over sites like his.

3+ years from now when the Republicans are back in the saddle, they'll ditch Jones just like the Democrats did after their savior Obama was elected.

So many people escape from one layer of mind control to find themselves in the grip of an even more insidious layer.