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Friday, December 25, 2009 Fransisco/ Targeted man wants investigation of corrupt 'security' program and hi-tech weapons

I can imagine they are getting thier lawyers together already.
Its probably already been planned how to contain this once it reaches official cred. I am sure alot of victims will be discredited along the way while targeted. Oh and dont trust your fellow TIs when this gets official validation becuz I have already experienced a TI core group that wants cred so bad they will shun anyone who is discredited. There could be alot of disinformants in these groups so that when the subjectmatter does come to mainstream level, they can push everyone else out of the way and claim they are the legit survivor group- then the system will side with them exclusively and volla! Situation handled WITHIN THE SAME SYSTEM THAT TARGETS VICTIMS.
Its as possibility. Just try to keep documenting the best you can.

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Medawar2 said...

New Blog, which solicits comments from anyone who knows about members of one extremist or pressure group, joining or infiltrating another.

This is very important to TIs, as it may cast light on how networks of perps are connected and supported, across apparently separate or even opposing, organizations.

or use the medawar2 profile, above, to find the blog.

It's a bit long term, but it may help in the end.