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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Celebs are heroes for encountering torture survivors as we experience it almost every day/ Do u smell something? Muss be H-wood

You always wonder if these are real interactions with celebrities or if they are making them up. Lets hope not in this case:
I used to work in a bakery in Brookline and every day I would have to see these..this guy sees just one and he's a hero. What he didnt see is the guy who the bakery fed and tolerated becuz he was made permanently insane by the torture at the camps as a child. Many targets use this kind of psychological torture as an example of what is happening with organized stalking and harassment to show that this kind of thing has happened in the past. Humans are capable of anything.

These people claim he copped out of an interview- but considering the quirkiness of the source maybe he thought it beneath him. Its funny anyway.
bitchy(from a very funny source):

I didnt like the movie WHACKED however. Gee wonder why?
(Haunted by car accident he caused to kill girlfriend?! what, is this a Teddy Kennedy life story rip off? where DO these non original creatives get thier ideas from eh?)
Parts of it were cute and thats it. Here is a cute stunt from the least cute part of afore mentioned low budget bomb:
Do YOU smell something? its called bullshit.

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