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Sunday, December 27, 2009

ooppss, its ON again.(results after publishing vids on YouTube)

They're baaaaacck!

After I published two vids showing how bad things can get and telling the gang stalking system that basically they will not stop my activism as well as wrote that last post the harassment by in person gang stalkers has immediately returned.

We were at this truck stop in Coachella. Remember these people want make yoiu feel bad and back up any insinuations and one of the biggest ones is that you did something wrong or cant be trusted. I had someone with me so I dont see how it makes sense and it doesnt. We all know that.
After publishing alot of things that consist of exposure last night, I walked out into the lot to head to store and there she was..a perp with a smirk doing just what was done years ago when the harassment was so bad in the beginning. And when I went to get in line to buy something two whitebeards got behind me, one looked over at a security guard with arms folded way behind me leaning on a shelf and one of the whitebeards looked over and nodded. It was so obviously more intimidation. So I just used an old move whichi is to break up their little ring containing the TI and go behind the two white beards..if they ask any questions you just say' oh you first'. Mr secrutity guard immediately walked out upon this happening--hmm. Doesnt seem very effective does it, I mean if the person you are watching is truly dangerous.

I walked him walk out into the lot as I needed more money for my purchase anyway and I loved the swagger- he walked like he was still young and actually knew what it was like to be hot at one time. He actually swinged his hips ...kinda like a girl actually. What a sex pot! actually the only 'pot' with him is his belly.

Old men playing games with younger women, keeping them down so they still feel like they have not been outdone by time. Strangely these whitebeards remind me alot of thier younger counterparts.

I dont know what it is about the people that do the harassment but every TI can tell you there IS something about them that ties them all together. You get familiar after a while. They stand out..I cant put my finger on what it is. There is just something really weak about them. They register as weaklings but their actions as a group seem to make them strong. As long as they feel a part of whatever this is.

I assume that when you are a part of such a large racket that basically runs the US by intimidation you wud tend to be full of yourself. So why do they not appear genuinely confident as individuals? I still dont get it.

It must just be the type of person who will engage in or excels at being totally sneaky and covert to gain power. Maybe in the past they have acted overtly and realized that they had no natural powers as individuals so this is how they need to be.

Its the arrogance that keeps most TIs going. Keeps them fighting. No one should have thier life so completely taken from them as a targeted person has.

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