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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Disgust With Pine St and Feminism in America

This is for all those bitches in Boston at Pine St who select who gets to have a safe place to sleep at night depending largely on race or how much ass you kiss to the 'local' community and anyone else who is interested.
Oprah bought the big screen tv at Pine St which one is reminded of constantly and of course its only on the mind numbing local news or Lifetime television for stereotypical women most of the time. Focus on the care of the homeless not outside political issues and celebrity. This is supposed to be about WOMEN not other issues.

So just to prove that things dont always work out I found this article:
Sissas just cant get along can they..uh could it be cuz they are acting like women? Come on, ladies- while we get used as pawns all the time men are still calling the shots...waaaake uuupp.

Enemies of women trying to exist liberated:
-women who include black men or any men in the agenda such as the fiasco of civil rights during the 60's. Now its bitch this and bitch that or pimp this hos that in entertainment industry. No good deed goes unpunished,huh?
-women who look down on or dis other women such as white upper middle class feminists who are haters of sex workers, strippers and other women who need support especially upon exiting such industries.
-Women who choose race or religion over the sisterhood or loyalty to women's issues.

Most women have internalized male ruler ship to the point where any hope for unity is non existent. America does not even have a concept of women having a natural power unique to them that rivals male power as in cultures like Celtic or Germanic or Israel. Latin countries seem to not fear natural female powers or sexuality. These are the best expressions I am sighting as cultural example. I know that subjugation exists everywhere.

If you look at the cut of the business suit for women in the USA it either always made women look
-non gendered
-like a woman in her early 20's or submissive/girlish
If you look at suits designed in Germany or Britain the style exudes power and authority BASED ON the female body or a type of women who exudes power within the female form/utilizing the female form.
Countries like Italy and Spain dress this up a bit and tone down the seriousness but again it appears a celebration of female power.

I assume John Wayne would never allow such a female to be recognized here in America...he's too busy being manly and fighting Indians-forever. In other words he is always busy keeping up the facade that IS the USA being built on property theft as it is.
And the portrayal of manhood in the US was never so unattractive as it is today.

Women in the US keep trying to get it right, they keep trying on all these different ideas of what women should be or could be. Rarely are we allowed to form naturally into simply who we are.
Ever heard of divide and conquer? Oldest trick in the book.

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