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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Monday, December 7, 2009

got out of Boston and once again it ws like escaping not leaving

It gets harder and harder to leave..its like escaping some sort of war zone. If you think I am nuts at this point I really dont give a sh*t. There is something going on in that city. I am pretty sure of what it is but if you are in doubt then..well I am glad your life is unaffected and fairly normal.
Then go read something else.

Paranoids are people who cant show cause. Paranoids are NOT people being harassed intergenerationally while trying to testify before The Presidents Advisory Committee on Radiaton Experimentees (where its on video that other people who DID testify claimed harassment for years) or years later conveniently has thier life ruined during a federal investigation of friends of friends where its blatanly obvious that the Target has no money and knows very little about what is going on yet due to prior harassment for many years and other issues is eccentric as hell and the perpetrators of the take down feel this can be used against the person.

People tend to look at a distraction and diversion put in front of them opposed to tax records of wealthier suspects. Its just more fun that way isnt it? And as we have seen of late the Target was taken down during a war were no one dared interfere with anything powerful assholes wanted to do and now the whole country is being dismantled so it really was perfect timing from the get go.

That is not paranoia that is a design being played out or engineering. Its the execution of a plan and that is all.

Grow up wake up and read a history book, if you dont want to and its easier to be a victim to what is going on right now to a whole country as well as indviduals then stay asleep and do so. Some of us are a little miffed that we were planning a life when suddenly we were just SO inconvenient.

And never forget that the perps are not smarter than you just much more willing and able to be dishonest.. more than you will ever know. Believe in deception and it will all become clear.

Yes, I know I posted insane and unreasonable things lately....just more example of how every damn time I go into that city I end up messed up.. and quite unreasonable and insane. This has been the case since 2003 and it just gets worse everytime. That place is in total lockdown and no one knows it due to the fact that all the decent people have left or you are 20 in college and dont notice anything is off. Everyone who senses conditions are not favorable for anyone poor in Boston has already left.
The city is basically dead unless you can afford to pay. Its a very sad sad reality that my city is dead. And when I am there its right back into gaming like I never left or its systematic ignoring or people who are average citizens so they love the cover story as it allows them to avoid pissing off rich corrupt cops and other assholes in power as they NEED them to actually answer a 911 call. Or whatever else they or thier criminal counter parts provide. I dont really take the opinion of a pack of 20 year old guys seriously but I am hoping that when the story is told that many men of all ages in the whole USA get thier asses and thier fucking attitude problems handed right to them which is obviosly needed in Boston especially badly due to the large amount of males of all ages there who seem to focus on the cover story.

More useful idiots. Very useful. Men are not really that bright at that level and if they want to play the brother hood game then they can do so. I dont really understand men and live among them and tolerate them to the best of my ability...mostly men with artistic ability are going to be more easy to understand that or exceptional intelligence thus easier to tolerate if not actually communicate with genuinely. Lesser males need to travel in packs, be part of a brotherhood of aggression(nowadays quite passive aggreassive or covert acts of overt aggression) and be in total agreement about what to think about certain things. Due to the obvious fact that they cannot think outside the box for themselves. I don't listen to the opinions of slaves and why should I?

They are useless to what is going on in the big picture and should be ignored if you want to get anything substantial done. It suks when your govt wont listen to you so mobbing is a great way to feel in control.

No one can argue with the truth. It's like a pillar how can you argue with that. Just build it and watch them have to choose between ignoring its existence or trying to bring it down...ensure that humans can do neither. This is a pillar that if constructed properly will not crack. One can only hope it crushes however. Hope and change isnt that what everyone wanted? Lets give it to them then. Lets see how much of this Truth the American public can handle. Becuz right now they are living on thier usual diet of Bullshit wrapped in honey, which it seems they prefer.

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