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Monday, December 28, 2009

No harassment for two days

I havent been this 'clear' since the late 90's. Two days of silence, quiet and emotional normalcy and balance.

Only after I posted the things I did along with those videos and that news article.

One day people are going to have to admit to victim witnesses being put into these programs to silence them under whatever guise they can come up with...I often wonder if it is indeed 'testing weapons' I jst wonder if they know exactly the results and re education/behavior mod programs are simply being used as the norm in 'delicate' situaitons. With how overt I was targeted I dont see how this was handled delicately at all.

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Anonymous said...

You're lucky. Dammit, they've been intensifying the abuse this past week. So nice of them to ramp it up during the holidays. You seem to be taking the abuse better than me, actually. They have me all scared, hypervigilant, and stressed out. Even as I'm reduced to one day of work per week, they still have me almost as stressed as though I were working a full-time job paying well.