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This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Monday, November 30, 2009

the old c*nts in Boston are at it again

The chronically homeless women who are so obviously helping whoever wanted me out of town are at it again.

Before I finish let me just say that none of this is funny and if these useless old bitches even think of messing with my staying in any shelter here or if they try to get me kicked out of anywhere or cause drama I will be laughing by telling the whole world just how cab companies and cops get there payoffs from a certain madam and two of her friends one who likes to fuckBoston black cops. We can start hearing about who the important real estate man in Brookline is who likes to wear womens dresses and be called bitch. We can discuss what the inside of clients houses look like righ down to thier white pianos in thier living rooms. We can go on and on and the names no longer escape me. I am done fucking around with this city. YOU may think I am just an idiot but these low level [people are a pain in the ass. The people at the higher levels know I am NOT stupid which is why I had to be harassed so fucking hard. I will destroy lives if these bitches or anyone else fucks with me while I am here.

This whole city and the USA is going ot pay for what they have done to my life so you better wise up to the idea that people are not stupid as you think and during Bush there was a hell of alot going on that was not the norm. Whatever you believe about what I write you better fucking believe that there are things I know that are NOT the stuff of sci fi and I WILL USE THIS INFO to keep myself safe or to retaliate and it WILL be embarrassing. I would like to get revenge more globally and tastefully than the sexists would like to push me into something more akin to what a desperate bimbo would pull ( ah jake's new friends just wipe out inconvenient women so easily that way dont they...i am not a blonde and my programming is not something you toy with..but you can fukin keep testing me. Go for it. )

Everybody in on this is going to suffer from nothing more or less than the truth and thier own actions choking them to death.

I had a dream last nite that my impulsive actions got me bitten by a wolf twice in my dream so I know I must take caution at this time.

Christine that little jewish woman from NY that nightmare who pretended to be a TI turned on me as well as that fat old bitch who used to be a nurse so she claims both from the homeless scene were in a Cambridge drop in today. I warned staff already what a nightmare Christine is and how she really got in my way last time by bonding with me and then turning on me. They took her in another room and had a talk with her becuz they wont tolerate it in this place ( i hope).

Christine looked at the fat one and was like ("what is she doing here?") like they thought they had run me out of town. These are your typical low level perps. They are totally clueless. Christine only got as far as pretending to be a TI and being part of that Covert Harasssment group with the conference calls. She did the typical info hoarding and also the connection to alien conspiracy theory as well as paranoia about marshall law and FEMA camps.

I dont know who her employers are but she knows alot more than just the cover story if she is on the level of having enough info about gang stalking to pose as a perp. She seemed ignorant of programming and trauma based mind control. She also was into pumping me for info about my ex associates.
When she turned on me in the Harvard Sq shelter where there were staff totally in on the harassment (Harvard students) on not only an level of ' oh isnt this fun and exciting entertainment' but at times the more sadistic end of it. This is where alot of the level 3s go and you find that out about people later (level 3 is the worst sex offenders- child molesters straight up) they seemed to be in on the harassment. There were things about some of the guests pictures of them on thier computers where they were dressed in disguises as to look like totally different one would never recognize them. Glasses different hair the whole bit. The same people would have very questionable Japanimation on their computers and yes we are talking sex with very young animated girls.
Does that tell you enough about what is going on?
Its the same shit the same network over and over again. They seem to live in shelters but do work for whoever thier employers are.

The fat one the one who claims to have been a nurse was the one who, at Woods Mullen, leaned into me and said " some women cant get out"(of the sex industry) .

Seeing these two bitches actually sit and share a laugh at my expense made me more angry and sickened then I have been in a while. The destruction of my life is far from funny.

Christine is so small that it would be very easy to kick the crap out of her. She is one of the worst perps I have ever dealt with. I now have fantasies about finding out where she goes and kicking the crap out of her, that is how infuriating she is. She is so petite it wouldn't be hard...just one punch in the face is all I ask of the universe. I dont usually react this way to most perps but she is especially obnoxious. She mad3e sure she came by the living room and looked at me for good she still had some control over me or to relive what she did to me. For a short little shit she is a predator...almost like a guy who is a rapist who wants to rub it in.

By the way I wont do that to her just in the interest of the greater revenge plan and also I know if I print it here if anything happens to her I am a suspect so I do this just so I WONT beat the shit out of her but if I could or if I had the money she is one piece of trash in all this that would end up removed if you know what I mean.

That fat bitch seems to be miserable and suffers so that is all set pretty much. Christine seems very pleased with herself.'

What am I doing here? I am back you little bitch and I was smarter than you the whole time. And I will come back here anytime I please. And I will be in your face each time.

And I will eventually find a way to really f*ck with her without getting physical. None of this is to be forgotten. Why do these morons think this whole horror show is consequence free.
Let them keep thinking that.

keep these bitches out of my way and that goes for all the morons in this city who THINK they know what went down.

fuck you boston.

my grandma was right: " don't go into Cambridge or Brookline or it will be a war back and forth" oh its not a war back and forth its a war with my handlers and the fools who think the cover story is all that went on.

its almost time to get served the bill. and cops aint nor is having the DA as a client.....none of this matters compared to MK Ultra and the ultimate interests of people involved in things classified.

Go ahead. You have seen the results of what has gone down as you have screwed with shit you didn't understand for years now. Keep screwing around and see what happens.


Anonymous said...

They pretty much think they can do anything they please. There are also those "little" types who are always trying to provoke you into attacking them. I guess it's a tactic to get you to look bad, so you're left holding the bag, like you're picking on someone much smaller/weaker than you. Or there is some other mismatch (age/sex/size related). Also, they play the intelligence mismatch card as well. They may have some woman I like paired up with some dimwit, just so I can see it and get frustrated.

I have low-level perps monitoring my replies here, and of course, they magically come up with new ideas, but only based on what I post here. Isn't it amazing how little intellect they have... they need to steal virtually all of their little bag of tricks from the TI. I guess being perps, their brains shrunk from going with the flow, not thinking for themselves, but their little hate centers never shrink, that's for sure. That seems to be the only region of their brains that experience any growth.

Anonymous said...

Perps also sometimes like to play the adding insult to injury card as well. I've noticed that posting replies here, even if they're not posted (must be some perps hacking into your account), gets me more harassment. Ah well, it's pretty much a constant flow of harassment no matter what. I've noticed, along with a couple other TI's, that re-runs of shows seem to be chosen at the last minute based on what we're doing. Also, ads in catalogs and fliers (like for Wal-Mart) seem to have pictures added that reflect what harassment they are doing psychologically, again chosen at the last minute, it seems.

They really think having their millions of tiny followers are going to help their cause. We have to thrive as best we can and prove them wrong. I think every little victory we have frustrates them. Ah, but they are in denial anyways. I've noticed a lot of my perps at the low level are always laughing and snickering, like they think they've really beat me down good. One perp told me "they do it to piss you off". Ah, they are so smart, aren't they, following orders, using their "little never giving in" tactics, thinking if they persist and persist and persist in their little roles, I am going to break and "flip out", as one perp told me.

My message to perps of all levels would be: that's not gonna happen. Never. They may never get caught, but still I am never going to give in. They can all bet on that.