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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

exposure to mold or mycotoxins also used in biowarfare


It was also used in Russia to lower the intelligence of dissidents. I have posted that before.

Its very strange that during the whole time Lorainne/Lori had my old apartment before me in Brighton, that fat drunk had no problems with anything except mice. She also seemed afraid of B Pettitti and was very into being subservient to her.

I move in and within a year there is radiator upstairs against the wall outside the door right above my door that bursts and I come home to water cascading down my outer wall next to my door. No one did anything about this all day. Finally if was turned off. One could see water damage to the front of the apartments kitchen area.

Then magically a year later the heating pipe along the wall in back breaks or some sort of leak and I have a couch over it so dont notice it for a few weeks anyway. They refuse to clean it and suggest spraying Lysol and sprinkling oxyclean on it and just covering it up ( an combo of chemicals proven hazardous) instead of using the prescribed bleach and water, replacing the wood boards and putting me into a hotel until its fixed. I actually had to clean it.

I stayed in there for years as it was supposedly OK adn got very sick with mycotoxicosis. I did not leave as I was not going homeless to please a corrupt company, and I did not understand it may have been better to fight them from a shetler and not pay my rent. After years of fighting someone from teh state forced them to test and it matched up with my medical findings from the Marino Center in Cambridge that I was getting very sick from mold exposure.

I experienced neurological disturbances, memory loss, constant headaches and damage to my lungs and nasal passages. To this day if anyone sprays deaderant around me its like I am being gassed. I can tell if a hotel room has mold in it just from walking in it and have a hard time wiht any indoor envirmonment unless its very new or fungus free.

I experience memory loss and one of the worst experiences was at the end when I left to go to AZ I was walking with an unsteady gait. this indicated alot of affect on the nervous system.

Going to AZ was due to me reading that the hottest dryest place would help get some of the damage out of my system. This did indeed work as did special IVs at the Marino center. None of my medical expenses were ever paid and i was harassed so badly on top of the harassment that was already occuring I signed out of court. Due to further harassment in AZ I spent the money very quickly running from hotel to hotel not quite understanding what the harassment ws about and at some point it was directed to me that it was called gang stalking and it was a system of harassment and stalking.
I had come to plan suicide with the remander of my money as I thought I did something wrong and was a horrible person.

To this day I suffer from the effects of that 3 year mold exposure.
And further exposure feels like the damage is picking up where it left off...where it left off is that the mold was starting to enter the stages of killing a mammal. I found myself sleeping all the time as if the mold provided some sort of drugging effect and as my body was destroyed by it I just felt more and more like sleeping. I could tell that if I had stayed there the damage would have been very bad if not fatal.

I now have trouble with any medicines to treat health issues as my brain and system seems to react a bit differently to things than before the exposure and also I feel like there is addition to the original damage every time I have to take antibiotics. It makes me sick.

Diflocan and Nystatin as well as herbs have been helpful as well as getting away to arid hot climates in the winter and staying out of very polluted places.

Mold does not affect everyone it depends on if you are allergic to it or not and then it depends on how much of it, how sick the building is to begin with and how long you are exposed daily and for the duration of your stay in that building. However some moldy buildings or rooms are dangerous end of story. Others dont seem to harm humans or the residents of the home dont seem allergic or affected.

Mold removal is just as profitable as denying mold hurts tenants so no one should trust either side of that arguement as they are both trying to make money off the issue.

It would have to be a case by case study and medical would have to be done on everyone claiming to be suffering from symptoms..and I mean like the Marino Center or a real science lab. Not some doctor who only deals in allergies.

During the time all that water damage occured I was experiencing home break ins but was so intimidated by the Pettitis who just used thier keys and seemed to enter as they pleased I though maybe it was always just them snooping around. At times papers were gone through but nothing was missing. Psych out probably.

The most hysterical example was a phase they went thru, the home entry perps, where I would come home to a smell in the house and have a headache. Eventually I figured it out that it was someone coming in and truning the gas knob on the stove just enough to let gas out but not to light itself. And I knew it wasnt me doing it becuz I was going through a diet phase where I only used the stove top burners..I had basically forgotten that the oven even existed.

Other fun stuff like that occured but if you have home entries and you all of a sudden get water damage as a Target you need to get your ass out of there as soon as possigble and stay somewhere else until the matter is resolved. Dont wait cuz it might be to make you sick if you stay in the building. Go to a shelter, a friends or even your car if necessary.

If the landlords are evil then forget the local inspector go to the state health dept and if its anything to do with HUD get on their ass right away and document everyhting and let them know what is going on. The moment that there is water damage and they dont fix it you need to NO LONGER DEAL WITH ANYONE IN THE REALTY COMPANY and go to the bigger authority way higher up becuz this is most likely the time when the reality people are gonig to start playing games with your life and it can end very badly.

Expose them right from the beginning and keep the focus on the issues dont let anyone get personal about you or your lifestyle or what you ate for breakfast this morning. This sort of realty company hires con men and women to 'handle' poor people and sometimes they are sociopaths and not even clinically sane or so criminal minded that they are brutal in the way they deal in business, which of course has no place with vulnerable populations like disabled/elderly or low income but you are a vioceless faceless population in this society.

Unless you have connections to rival theirs or you have an advocacy group that wont ditch you if the fight gets to hard you are gonna have to play this real safe becuz HUD is so damn corrupt and real estate in general is populated with people that I dont even believe thier hearts beat more than twice a minute. They dont even seem human and logic does not dictate.

Molds can be used in covert ops to damage someone for life as well as cause a lowering of intelligence.

Its also interestingly a necessary component in MK Ultras experiments where LSD seemed to make the subjects more maliable in the hands of the interrigators or handlers. I suspect it breaks down brain tissue or provides some brain damage that allows the person to now be more able to be shaped by someone.

Its like wetting down sculpture before starting to shape it. If you mix it along with trauma it further breaks the person down.

If you are a target and you have had a history of harassment and stalking then be aware of any attempts at exposures to molds or other psychotropics.

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  1. Probably LSD does more than that... it may open a bunch of neural pathways in the brain, making you more susceptible to suggestion. Those opened pathways are what cause the hallucinations.