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Friday, November 6, 2009

Internalizing the system claiming no one takes you seriously...

... as part of brain washing. Remember that all gang stalking ARE BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION ATTEMPTS. DO NOT FORGET THAT...if you do the codes that have been set up via all that psychological warfare as well as other systems in place for..uh, 'suggestion' in real time are going to start 'programming' you with the new self that is desired by this system.

I have finally figured that this is what is going on. It is very similar to trauma based mind control programming and that is why its so important to reduce the TI to the level of a child again. That is why its so important to keep them from self healing or self loving.

THIS SEEMS TO BE AN ATTEMPT TO GET TARGETS TO STOP BEING SO INWARD LOOKING OR SELF CONCERNED AND HOOKED INTO A SOCIAL SYSTEM OR OUTSIDE SYSTEM. Recall I did a piece on the Pentagons consultant releasing his theory that "disconnection is danger" in reference to Iran. The suggested actions against them were the same way TIs get treated as individuals. I realized a long time ago that the harassment of individual TIs often goes according to the fashoin of how certain factions are handling world politics or military issues like mentioned above.

What a perfect way to silence a victim witness, get rid of a person who has been projected as a dissident the country cant afford to have nosing around or to cover your ass if you dont want the public to know about MK Ultra or programming and such.

The person is treated as if they having thier own lives and control over thier own lives is a threat to the system so like a terrorist or a nation that is a threat, they are forced through covert warfare and behavior mod techniques to become 'connected' to society or the world at large instead of having control over thier own life or concentrating on thier own life.

This would be greatly supported by everyone who lately has been bullied into believing what the neo cons had to say or the way they think about things, which by the way is not like Republicanism is supposed to be.

This may very well be the horror of what people have dubbed 'the new world order'. It seems a system is being created where everyone , at least who is a threat or 'trouble maker' is going to be attached to a large system where they can no longer have any privacy or think for themselves.

Man should be his own god at least internally. To be in charge of his own empire, even if that 'empire' is a cardboard box on the street.

I think what they are TRULY afraid of is that if certain people were to be allowed to imagine themselves kings then by thier own hand, they could produce such results.

People are being managed through the system of organized stalking and harassment. It IS a people management system. It keeps individuals down and keeps them busy, while convincing them through constant guilt, shaming, humiliation and a complex brainwashing system that becuz they did something wrong or they are not good enough and such other intimidation that they should and NEED to become part of a bigger system.

Of course this 'system' is just the cult in cult mind control and we come back to this over and over all boils down to the same simple cult brainwashing system and tactics.

They are just being very very slick about how they are put forth and utlized. Very slick.

OK for hard core psychopathic criminals..NOT ok for victim witness intimidation and the power trips of those who help put the TI in this position as well as those who help keep the person there.

That is why this is the SAME as mind controlled slavery except the programming is coming in from the outside as a holding pattern until the TI complies INTERNALLY.

You have to, somewhere deep inside of yourself, at some point buy into the sh*t for their system to work.

Gang stalking is people management and most likely its just an extension of any other enslavement system historically.

The reason it never stops no matter what a TI does is that the system that seeks to enslave will NEVER never has.

It will not admit it is wrong and it will not admit to making a mistake. It will never cease or give in or give up. It will not cease and disist.

The only reason that our lives have become even a bit easier under Obama is that this is the phase of the behavior modification where we as victims are supposed to start realizing there is no way out and start taking on suggestion, programming, codes whatever has been beaten into us under Bush..and make no mistake that was the beat down phase.

When Obama got in I was barely alive. I fell into the same as everyone else..Hope. Hope is not a practical solution to problems. Its a relief.

Obama provided relief as is his role I suspect.

I notice that after this beat down people became sucked into focusing on the economy..perfect. Now you cant recall what were the issues during Bush. So for now, in your mind they are resolved. Next...

For TIs these things are much clearer becuz we deal with a behavior mod system that is ever present as well as vigilante.

It was easier during Bush becuz the rest of the country was fighting as well and the most annoying manipulation is the kind that is done with lollipop in gentle hand..annoying. I would rather deal with a head on aggressor than the soft kill or soft sell.

Its so...disrespectful. Also this new way of being in the USA, this new environment is perfect for lifting energy after one raises it. That is in ritual terms I guess, but its obvious that its time to try to form the victim after you beat them down so severely that they are wounded and wondering if they are going to live or not. What is being handed to us, at least me right now or other TIs at this stage is a deal....or relief. Or some sort of realization that what happened is over and one cant get back what was lost so just get used to what you have now and start a life for yourself.


I know it seems tempting especially as we get older but it can only lead to a lifetime of eslavement and havent you had enough of that? I know I have.

The no one is going to believe you anyway thing cannot be heeded at any cost as well other tactics.

One with me recently is that I am getting older blah blah blah. This is why its so important for them to intimidate or by other means get us out of our programming. Internally I should be programmed to not give up what I am doing until it is finished, at the risk of my own death being punishment for not completing said mission or task.

This is why its so important for the system to butter you up and to make it seem like on one hand they are helping you and doing you a favor and on the other you are just such an awul selfish person you need behavior modification anyway to make you a better citizen.

All cult mind control tactics.

For those of you who are TBMC survivors breaking down your internal programming is essential to indoctrinate you into thier management system- the group, the crowd, the cult, the good people out in society who want to help you and make you a better person.

If I was trying to go to school and my life plan was to become a councillor for women and specific issues as well as do some art projects on the side then what exactly did I need to be reformed from? My inent was altruistic to begin with.

Which is especially humiliating when I am treated like only after I comply with this system and agree with society as a whole in the USA that I will then make use of myself by 'helping humanity'. I will do no such thing until it is clear that i am doing so upon MY OWN WILL and according to MY plans.

This management system of people wants to make sure that like the movie Hellraiser, you forever have hooks in your flesh and if ever you color outside the lines or go outside what is acceptable any of those hooks can be pulled to make you behave.

That is no way to live and one should not have to be the systems bitch before one can be free to live one's life.

Ultimately gang stalking is about breaking the internal Will Power of the subject.

Its perversity, almost sexual in its eroticism,is that like many others in the system you will learn to like this system and eventually either work for it yourself or you will become a great advocate of it..agree with it and its methods.

This is simply akin to being held hostage and raped repeatedly until you marry your rapist/kidnapper.

Its based on an old and simple formula of how to create mindless submissive sex slaves (without the high level programming or high intelligence).

-Isolate after kidnapping. Hold in a basement or other dark quiet area so prisoner becomes disoriented.

- dumb down with drugs causing mental deterioration or brain damage

-if female pump up mammary glands so they weigh subject down

-make taking in nourishment a focus of daily life allow no other focus

-except of course the visits from the person handling the hostage

-the usual in humiliation, degradation, etc

over time the person will become a slave to the only one who is in charge of their care no matter how abusive.

The similarity to the gang stalking system is astonishing. '

How this is pulled off is that it is done covertly and out in public space.

And the TI holds all this to themselves becuz of all that is going on and of course no one will believe them.

Though much of what happens to TIs seems political or about power trips or corruption/greed, there is a definate idea that one gets that its just a power trip.

This is why I have posted concerning

I would not doubt if some faction somewhere, dubbing themselves "latter day satanists" (you can laugh now and roll yer eyes if you wish) have put it in thier pea brains to attempt to create 'mind controlled sex slaves' through the mere creation of autism and the use of cult mind control tactics.

Much of what happens to TIs resembles the creation of a mindless submissive sex slave. I personally have been in certain states where this seems to be one of the major desired outcomes and MA is one of those states.

Its a way of getting rid of the old Self whilst continuing to humiliate the person as well as probably making profit. This is also why gang stalking tactics have been claimed on the internet to be used to get young girls into prostitution.

Involvement in this sort of subject matter in ones personal life is not only of use to the system on various levels but getting certain kinds of TIs away from kinky sexual practices is actually a goal of theirs. However no one no matter what thier private tastes should ever be subjegated to any real life horror like this one and if so at least the person should be given acknowledgement of thier suffering.
TIs wont be given acknowledgement. The public are not up to speed with what is possible through tech and the nature of crime as well as psy ops.

It is used against the Target by on one angle by making the TI feel as if they brought this on themselves becuz they engaged in such practices privately so either
- the moralists are trying to straighten them out or
-the worst kinds of people are now trying to get to the person due to the TI being exposed through the gang stalking system somehow
This is all DISINFO or these people are misinformed.

The reason that they want to terrorize a person out of kinky or extreme sexual practices by having a punishing system like gang stalking use them on the person is, at least in the case of programmed people THESE PRACTICES IF DONE WITH A TRUSTED PARTNER CAN CAUSE THE SURVIVOR TO HEAL OR TO RELEASE ENERGY TIED TO ISSUES WHICH THEY WILL FACE LATER OR WILL FACE SOON. IT ALSO HELPS WITH TRUAMA ISSUES BY HELPING THE PERSON WORK THROUGH THEM.

No one should ever have such things held against them and if you knew how hard some TIs have had these things used against them or been tortured with the idea that society (perps posing as 'society') is punishing them for such tastes you also, would become suspect of what could motivate such focus and hatred for something so harmless (and private).
Its becuz the people handling the survivor of programming ( the gang stalking system IS the handler) seeks to re enslave the person to avoid the person having a Will of thier own or becoming free enough to disclose information to the public.
THEY know what the survivor is attempting to do with such practices. They know that the slave will always seek to self heal. There is actually some part of the internal system that focuses on health, like its the slaves responsibility to keep the body and mind and 'system' healthy.

They also must know that anyone who wakes up out of programming ( like making it out of a complex haunted house or maze system) wants to enjoy the new outside environment. The slave is always seeking to this end to self heal or manage trauma.
IF the gang stalking system can get the victim to be ashamed or too beaten down health wise or afraid to engage in such practices, then they have not only a good complient cit9zen on thier hands without thier own Will, they have someone who is now 'normal' and they can boast of reforming or healing...they never actually healed they destroyed the person and intimidated them into forgetting about trauma.
Two very different things. Its more breaking of the Will.

Mastery by someone else or something else seems to be the goal and ultimate desired outcome. The system MUST stop the TI from empowering themselves internally- emotionally and mentally- especially spiritually.
It seems that a common ultimatum is that is one wishes to continue such practices then one must give in to slavery or some other giving up of the True Self and its Will and wishes.

TBMC survivors are controlled in this way and the hope is that not that they will pick a certain outcome but that they will chose one of them eventually. Wether you become a sumissive sex slave or a satanist or other 'immoral' choices
OR you join the convent, become a care taker of people in some capacity, get a job and live normally with a partner and put up a good front all this system wants is that you are no longer self empowering..that you are no longer fully in charge of your own inner workings. That you never ever become your own god and the master of your own 'house' (life, inner life).

Different factions are decieved and marketed to and they become cause stalkers without knowing it.

IT SEEMS MOST IMPORTANT THAT THE PERSON BECOME VERY AFRAID OF BEING IN CHARGE OF THEIR OWN LIVES. Through long term gang stalking campaigns the victim suffers from the worst form of learned helplesness.
Which is ironic becuz many times the TI, at least myself is led to believe that this program is helping them to become independent and getting rid of learned helplessness. This is another deception put forth by many perps and I know in my case it has been used against me repeatedly. I never bought into it, its too unrelated and it doesnt make sense as I was in a phase where I was trying to truly become independent and could have suceeded probably in earnest for the first time of my life.

This system will attempt to get you to internalize ideas and values but keep in mind they are DECEPTIONS and only serve to make sure you are kept down in some prison cell. Every projected outcome as I mentioned is a prison cell...they just want you to become convinced that you are comfortable in that cell and that you really want to be there..of your own Will of course.


I KNOW IT HURTS BUT TRY TO RECALL WHAT YOU WERE CAPABLE OF BEFORE THEY ALTERED YOU. It will become obvious that this is still and always will be a scam. That you are being fooled.
Its bad enough you have to in this system for life, dont let them into the deepest levels of your privacy, dont ever be fooled at the most sensitive levels of your being. I personally will take death before that happens which they do not want but for them I believe its a better option than a TI living and being believed or having any kind of life.


Anonymous said...

This New World Order does look like a reality. Some of the features:

* New, invasion of privacy! Never again think for yourself. Just let "us" "help" you with any problems.

* Have you committed a crime, and one of those nasty gross free-thinkers realize it? Not a problem! Let US take care of that freak, er, intelligent free thinker who thinks he has constitutional rights!

* If you are a burgular, and a non-comformist thinks "that person is a burgular", no problem; we'll handle it. One of our "workers", um I mean stalkers will be positioned to be walking down the street the same time as the victim, ready to call that person a "burgular". The audacity of those gross free thinkers to think something negative but true!

* Nice, relaxing, stimulating massages, er, I mean remote electrocutions to help you relax!

* Thinking the wrong or negative thoughts? Having trouble staying unemployed? Not a problem! We will help keep you out of a job, and shock your testicles anytime you dare think about anything negative about our wonderful system.

* Are you a dissident? Not a problem! No one will dare attack you or harm you unless "we" "authorize" it. Full protection! We handle your thinking for you!

* Thinking of obtaining a girlfriend or a wife? Not a problem! Our agents will program you to be a homosexual, to protect you from those nagging females.

* Do you suffer from high intelligence and/or integrity? Not a problem! Our agents will have you making a complete idiot of yourself, performing in front of our "audience" at their behest.

* Are you a little too happy? We will take care of that! Our annoying gangstalking jerkos will be standing by to provoke you, and instantly piss you off to rain on your little parade! Being happy can cause you to think positively, and live longer. But let's face it--who wants to live past the age of 30 these days?!

* Are you tired of minding your own business, and keeping your hands to yourself and your nose in your own business where it belongs? Let us cure you of that nasty habit! Our idiots will have you triggered into a rage in public spaces! You will be beating innocent people and idiots alike to a pulp while cops witness the act! Soon you will be snooping in everyone else's business to protect your own ass!

* Are you painfully careful around kids? Not a problem! One of our idiots will call you a pedophile and work "molester" in their conversations around you until you break down and attack an innocent bystander.

* Do you hate people who live in glass houses throwing stones all the time? Not a problem! Our system's foundation is based on this very principle! Why should you worry about correcting your own faults when you can point out the faults in others?

Anonymous said...

I've noticed a lot of people functioning as harassers or perps at some level don't seem to know what's going on, or that I'm a "target" or what the system is all about. If I tell them, for example, certain things, like I saw some people walking down the street harassing me, they'll act surprised. Well, they seem to have some knowledge about the purpose, but there is a lot they don't know, and only the TI and the "real" perps know fully about what is going on.

I'm not sure if this is because they've been marketed to. Really, everything is so behind my back and discreet, I have no idea what they are being told. I have had a couple say things like "I heard this about you", but mainly it's an educated guess on my part what goes on behind the scenes with the people being "recruited".

Also, I had perp say that I should "prepare to be recruited". Maybe more deception, because I'm lucid enough at this stage to tell them to fuck off.

Jeremy said...

This Gang Stalking system we're up against is so powerful, it must be irresistable for people who know about it, and know which levers to pull, to abuse it.

That might be the only hope for us. I doubt anyone gives a shit about the people reading your blog but when all kinds of people start getting sucked in due to business disputes or grudges or what-not, that's what brings the system's legitimacy into question.

Gangstalking is real said...

This is such a insightful, intense, and truthful view of gangstalking. Thanks. This is inspirational.

Anonymous said...

There are so many phases to this psychological harassment alone. And psych. harassment is just one phase of this many-horned gangstalking monster. There are the:

* accusations of being something you're not (maybe just to provoke an ire or to beat-down or brainwash)

* street harassment: just had one idiot standing outside my cousin's bar saying this: "there's that goofball from Hell". I suppose that was supposed to discredit me as some sort of goofball when I comment about my harassment. That's all we are to the perps and their "minions".

* The media at large gets involved. People on myspace get involved as well. I have been coerced into getting a Myspace by people tied to the system. I suppose it's yet another way to get others harassing me or monitoring what I"m doing.

As far as the last item, let me comment further. There could be a picture on the front page of newspapers online, which depicts what I'm wearing and what I'm doing. To augment this, some idiot kids who came into the place where I eat out were kind of referencing what that photo on the front page of the online version of that newspaper was depicting. So the photos on various news sites can serve as psychological harassment as well. Like the one photo which had a look-a-like of me, with a city backdrop which looked a lot like my town's backdrop... the look-a-like was "checking out" this one young mother, who was wearing glasses and tight jeans. My look-a-like had his shirt out, much like I was wearing my shirt out, and had baggy pants. Now perps love to do this to me... have a look-a-like doing things and wearing things that I never wear, just to harass me. And it's obvious they don't give a shit, because they'll keep doing it again and again if I point it out.

It's so nice to be living in a democracy, where this newspaper, who serves like nearly a million people and makes billions in revenue, would give a shit about what one person is wearing and doing, but it's true. They've made like an entire enterprise out of this, and organizations that pull in insane amounts of revenue give a shit about what one person is doing, out of the millions that they serve. Just to get to one person. Just because they think if they harass that one person, it makes their slander true. And only if they get more people going along with this crap, it doesn't matter what faults they have, or what they wear, or what they do in private, or what quirks they have, as long as they're focused on this one individual out of like the thousands they serve. So their faults don't matter; only the target's faults matter. What does it matter if they have faults. Why don't they pick on themselves or their minions they have going along with this? Why depict me as wearing something I don't because they know I hate it? Why don't they get a life? These people are like rednecks who like shooting at celebrities with hunting rifles. So stupid and dumb and low class (at least inside of themselves), and so critical collectively of the target. I've noticed they try to steal what is mine, and make it attributable to them instead of me.

Anonymous said...

One thing that targets get a lot of, I believe, is subliminal attacks disguised as spam. The attacks and "info" are always in the subject line. This is where my perps "inform" me of certain things, things only they know.

Rachael O. said...

The subliminal attacks may sound paranoid but this would be a large part of psychological warfare. Its disturbing as to how in depth the intel seems to be on TIs to begin with so just extend that to other 'delivery systems' or the use of media to accomplish this. Tech is very useful to gang stalking now becuz anyone who is a good hacker (anyone who is worth the GS system paying) would be able to stalk and harass you to begin with then all they need is the intel/psychological profile on TI to make this happen as you claim. It would be very easy, very effective and no one is going to believe you.
No one wants to believe the internet is used for sinister purposes. That is the stuff of movies for the general public. They need to love technology, they need to believe it is going to save them becuz the environment is not going to remain sustainable most likely and its become evident that humanity is just as f*cked as its always been...people need a new god a new safe place to worship and tech is that god. Scientists are good, tech is good and the more you have of it the better off you are.

roberta said...

"One thing that targets get a lot of, I believe, is subliminal attacks disguised as spam. The attacks and "info" are always in the subject line. This is where my perps "inform" me of certain things, things only they know."

- Yes, they do use a lot of disguised spam to pass 'messages' ..but you chose what stays 'in' and what it goes 'out' - and believe me - that really pisses them off!! when you start editing out everything they have planned for your life, and all of a sudden it becomes your creation. And there's absolutely nothing they can do about that ... and if you really want to piss them off - be totally unpredictable! the more unpredictable you are the less control they have .. its a mad world isn't it??? and guess what, we are in charge of everything !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

They try to coerce me into doing things, various small things, for their own "entertainment". They also send a lot of people into your life to be your "friends", as in THEY planned for these people to be your friends. The idea, I guess, is to control you indirectly using these "friends" as your personal handlers, where they can channel their commands through these "friends". I can see through some of these, but some of them do a semi-convincing job as passing off as friends. IOW, fake friends, or perp puppet buddies.

Jeremy said...

I haven't gotten the subliminals in spam (though I heard a frantic, believable TI on his first conference call describing exactly this tactic), what I got back when I still watched TV was Media Mirroring. That is, the TV program would be altered to contain messages to me, and I confirmed it was changed by comparing it with the episode available on Hulu.

There's a lengthy thread about it on Downcast My Soul:

and I wrote about it after getting confirmation that I wasn't the only one.